Thursday, September 26, 2013

One Last Dance by Angela Stephens

Sophie had gotten used to the idea that she would never be able to dance again. She used to be a professional dancer, but after an accident that messed up her left knee, she is now just a dance teacher, stationed in New York.

She is still around dance, even if she can't partake in it.

When she is asked by a handsome man to dance one night at her dance studio, she was very tempted, but knew her knee would give out. Then, Henry says he will pay her more than what she charges for a private dance lesson.

Sophie couldn't turn down that kind of offer, and finds herself wrapped about Henry. Not only in dancing (which she found she is so focused on Henry, she can dance a whole tango set without even thinking about her knee) but she is also be wrapped about Henry as a person, a female. She is starting to fall for him hard, but he is keeping things from her.

Because Henry is keeping secrets, Sophie is finding out a lot about Henry from other people around them, and the news media since Henry is rich and owns his own company.

With the roller coaster ride their relationship is going through, Sophie is unsure if she can be with Henry, even though she is alive again in his arms. Will they be able to open up to one another and trust each other completely, or will Henry be Sophie's last dance? Read One Last Dance by Angela Stephens to find out!

My Thoughts/Reflections
I got an email in August from the author asking if I wanted to read her upcoming novel and review about it. Of course, I jumped on that wagon and got it the next day, then proceeded to read this book the same day I got it.

I really liked this novel. It's definitely more adult than YA or NA, and I was worried about it being about dancing because I don't have any idea about dance topics.

However, Stephens wrote this novel so well that I felt like I was dancing with Henry! And that is a great talent, since I don't dance ever!

I can relate to Sophie, unfortunately. My injury wasn't nearly as bad as hers was, but it still makes it hard to go for a jog every once in awhile, so I understand what she is going through when she goes to work everyday and not able to enjoy what she loves the most.

Overall, I really enjoyed this story! I flew through it and loved every minute of it. If you enjoy dancing or a contemporary romantic story, this would definitely be something that you would be interested in reading. And it is not available on Amazon to purchase, so go grab it now! Here is the link.

I cannot wait for the next novel from Angela Stephens and will be keeping my eyes out for it :) Thank you again, Angela, for sending me an eARC of it so far in advance!