Friday, March 30, 2012

Take Me There by Carolee Dean

Living on the wrong side of town is always tough, but Dylan has learned the rules the hard way. After being in juvie with his friend, Wade, Dylan has decided to live life the right way: no drugs, booze, hijacking cars, nothing.

Now he works at a car dealership - legally. Things don't always go as planned though, Dylan finds out.

After making another horrible mistake, Dylan and Wade are on the run. Dylan wants to meet his father, who's been in prison in Texas for the past 11 years. Dylan wants to find out how his father got on the wrong side of the tracks and if there was any hope to steer clear of his father's footsteps.

Dylan wants to lead a good life so he can be with the love of his life: Jess. She is the best thing that has happened to Dylan and he wants to see if he can change and be the guy that she deserves.

When meeting his father, Dylan realizes that he's not the man he pictured. His father is calm, studious, and definitely doesn't seem like he killed a man. But whenever Dylan brings up that day, his father clams up and refuses to talk to Dylan again.

As the last few days of his father's life withers away, Dylan starts putting the pieces of the puzzle together about what happened that night and how Dylan's life could possibly end up.

Will the Texas government grant Dylan's dad another chance? Will he be executed? Will Dylan be able to live a crime free life with Jess, or is he fated to the same life as his father lived for the past 11 years? Read Take Me There by Carolee Dean to find out!

My Thoughts/Reflections
This was a great novel! Not only was there some romance between Dylan and Jess, but there was mystery and crime to keep the reader in a lot of suspense until the very end of the book.

When reading about Dylan's troubles with the local gang in California, I was reminded of the book Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles. By Carolee Dean created a different world where Dylan was able to run away from that life - even if it was just for a little while before it caught up to him.

I really enjoyed getting to know Dylan's father the most out of this novel. The reader was able to see what it was like to be in jail for 23 hours every day - stuck in the same cell with the same walls.

The mystery part was also a great add to the story. Dylan knew deep in his heart his father couldn't have killed the cop - especially because the cop was his father's closest friend.

The more Dylan thought about it, the more he remembered things from that night - including the fact that he was at the location the night of the murder when he was 6 years old.

I would absolutely recommend this book to everyone! It's written through Dylan's perspective, giving teen guys a chance to get into another guys head and really understand what it must feel like to be stuck in a bad situation and feel like everything they believed in was a lie.

I will say that there might be content unsuited for younger audiences, but older teens and adults would definitely enjoy this story and the mystery that is solved by the end of the novel.

Hail Caesar by Thu-Huong Ha

John Miller, better known as "Caesar" with his God-like attribute to play basketball and get any girl he looks at, got a wake up call when he was almost run over by the new girl.

It's John's senior year in high school - the best year where he doesn't have to do anything and can have fun before going off to college to have more fun. That was before the first day of school came.

Senior year didn't go very well. John's 13-year-old sister, Kelly starts to act rebelliously. It might be because she's going into high school next year, or she feels abandoned since John will be leaving after the school year. All John knows is that he has no idea what to do or how to fix the mistakes she making.

Partying and random acts aren't cutting it for John anymore, which is making him lose the friends he's had for years.

And there's Eva. The new girl. The girl who will change John's life forever. He can't use his "Caesar" charm on her - it doesn't work. She talks non-stop about absolutely nothing and, after awhile, gets John to open up about topics he's never even dreamed of.

So when John labels Eva as "The Girl" - and many firsts for him - their relationship is strained and he's unsure what to do. He's never been in this situation.

One thing is for sure - things will not be the same after senior year.

My Thoughts/Reflections
Ah Caesar. There is always the one guy who is like Caesar in high school. It's just, this time, we get to read what goes through those types of guys.

This book was written through John's perspective, showing the reader what 1) guys think like and 2) what popular, cocky guys think about.

I was not expecting the ending that Thu-Huong Ha created. I'm not going to tell you what it is, but it definitely wasn't what I saw coming. Which is refreshing, cause it got me thinking - normally that doesn't happen because I never have to think about an ending that I predicted.

I liked both John and Eva's character, but I was unsatisfied with the dialogue throughout the novel. It was very choppy and strained - which is how John and Eva conversed, I know, but it was a little hard to follow sometimes.

I would recommend this book to any teenager - especially guys. I think guys would relate to this story even if they aren't popular or in a sport because John is forced to deal with a girl that he has never encountered before and doesn't know how to talk to her - which I think is very ideal for any teenage boy wanting to talk to a girl.

Also, I love how the author was 16-years-old when she wrote this!! She is very attuned for her young age and I think she did well for such a young author to write about boys her own age. Makes me wonder what I was doing at that age... certainly not writing a novel!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Vibes by Amy Kathleen Ryan

For 2 years, Kristi has been able to hear other people's thoughts. It makes it hard for Kristi to have any close friends, but she's been alone for awhile now so she's used to the solitude.

Also, people think she's sort of weird with her heavy make-up, clothes that she makes herself from random items (some of which comes from the dumpster), and silent attitude.

After getting paired with an old crush - Gusty Peterson - for a partner project, Kristi battles with herself if Gusty thinks she's weird or attractive. The vibe between the two is hard for Kristi to grab, so she goes on a roller coaster ride with her inner thoughts.

When a new guy comes to her school, she realizes that Mallory (the new guy) is attracted to her. While Kristi isn't as attracted to him as she was with Gusty, Gusty is out of her league, so she goes along with Mallory to see if things could work out between them.

On top of all of Kristi's problems, her father who left home 2 years ago decides to come back and see Kristi and her mother. The news he brings with, though, definitely doesn't help Kristi's crazy world she suddenly lives in.

My Thoughts/Reflections
This book wasn't what I was expecting. There is a little bit of a twist at the end, which was nice, and I thought it would have more to do with music because of the cover. However, Kristi just listened to a lot of classical music when she didn't want to hear anyone's thoughts after a long day - it wasn't a huge part of the story.

I liked Gusty. He's a popular, good-looking guy on the outside, but he's also a shy, timid guy that no one realizes too often - except Kristi after she gets to know him through their project together.

Kristi is a girl that any teenage girl can relate to. She thinks she's overweight, she has her own personality and style of clothes that makes all of her classmates jealous, but she thinks they are making fun of her behind her back, and she has a rebellious side with her parents that all teenagers do, even if their parents don't realize it at the time.

I think this would be a great novel for teen girls. Even if the readers haven't experienced most of the events that Kristi went through, there was enough events that happened that any reader can relate to something that happens.

This was a good stand-alone book and I liked Ryan's style of writing: fast paced, easy to fly through, and relateable.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Dragonswood by Janet Lee Carey

The year is AD 1192 and Tess lives in a small town with her mother and father, the blacksmith in town. In this world, the contact between humans, dragons and faeries is very thin. They are enemies and don't enjoy each others company, which is why the Dragonswood is off limits to humans.

Tess loves going into the woods, though. She can't explain the urge to her friends, which is why she keeps it a secret.

However, when Tess is accused of being a witch and escapes the witch test, she has to go into the woods to escape the hunters looking for her to kill her.

Enter Garth, Tess's knight and shining armor who takes in Tess and her friends while on the run. The more they stay in Dragonswood, the more each girl doesn't want to go back to the "human side" of the woods. After making sure Tess's friends are content and happy with their stay, Tess decides she needs to figure out what is calling to her in the woods.

Tess got closer to the royal grounds, the fey grounds, on her search, which ironically answered her question as to what was drawing her to the fey world: Tess is half fey, half human. Now she is being prepared to meet the dragon princes's - to see if an old prophecy will come true: where all three species will comes as one, Fey, Human, Dragon.

My Thoughts/Reflections
Dragons! I haven't read a story with dragons in it for awhile, so I loved the change in topic and scenery. Being in the Fey world and reading about different gifts that some characters have was walking into a new world!

I also loved the character Tess. She was abused at her home with her mother and stepfather, so she was leery about trusting anyone at all. She could also take care of herself and was very brave when she needed to be.

Even though there was a lot of information in this story, I was able to follow all of it and was grateful how detailed the author got to explain the setting and location. I could see the scenery and I especially loved the details when the author described the dragons!

I think this could be a great book for teens and would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes dragons or faeries as both are a major theme in this novel. From what I can tell, I think it's a stand alone novel and there wasn't a cliffhanger, so it can be a nice easy read for teens!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Reckoning by Kelley Armstrong

The Reckoning - #3 and Final book in the Darkest Powers Series by Kelley Armstrong. 

Click here: The Summoning for the review of the first book in the series and here: The Awakening for the review of the second book in the series. 

**NOTE** There will be SPOILERS in this review from the first two novels in this trilogy. 

Just when Chloe Saunders thought she escaped from the corporation she was running from, she's right back in the middle of it as an experimental test.

Chloe, Simon, Derek, and Tori have been saved by Andrew and taken into hiding. They don't feel safe, though, especially because Lauren, Chloe's aunt, and Rae are stuck in the facility that Chloe and Tori escaped from.

While hiding out, Andrew's co-workers come in and try to help the teenagers with their powers - each specializes in the abilities Simon, Chloe and Tori have.

When Chloe's mentor, Margaret, takes Chloe to a cemetery, Chloe is very uncertain she should be there - considering she can raise the dead without even trying. When the test trial goes wrong and Margaret sees just how powerful Chloe is, Margaret thinks that they need to get more help since she's unqualified for the job.

That's how all of the mentors think when they see the teenagers try their powers.

After getting ambushed by other werewolves, Derek and Chloe find out that Andrew was part of a mission to get all of the teenagers under one place, watched by guards.

So it seems the teenagers went from one prison to another.

The main mission the teenagers are on is to find Derek and Simon's father. He will help them out and know what to do.

Will the teenagers have to run for the rest of their lives? Can they finally break free from the prisons they are always being taken to? Read this final installment of the Darkest Powers Series to find out!

My Thoughts/Reflections
This was a great finish to this series! I like how it was just as action packed as the first two, making the reader zip through the pages to find out what happens in the end.

Knowing it was the final book, I was anxious to find out the ending, and I just loved it! Everything gets resolves, and while there may be a story with Chloe and the guy that she picks (not going to say because I want to keep something non spoilery), I'm overall really happy with how things ended.

I would definitely recommend all three of these books to other readers! It's definitely different than the novels written today and we get to experience different types of supernatural (necromancer, werewolf, sorcerer, witch, demons, etc.) so it's not just one type of paranormal species.

If the author decided to make another novel continuing their story, I wouldn't mind that either, but for now, I'm very content as to how this novel finished! :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Awakening by Kelley Armstrong

The Awakening - #2 in the Darkest Powers Series by Kelley Armstrong
Click here: The Summoning for my review of the first book in the series.

**NOTE** There Might Be Spoilers in this review for the first novel in the series. 

Chloe Saunders used to be an ordinary girl. That was before she found out she was a necromancer - a person who can raise, talk, and summon the dead spirits. Now, Chloe and her friends she made at the Lyle House (Derek, Simon, Liz, Rae, and Tori) are running away from the authorities that kept them in the house.

They wanted to run tests on all of the teenagers because they are supernatural. Derek is a werewolf, Simon is a sorcerer, Liz (who was killed but her ghost lives on) is telekinetic, Rae can manipulate fire, and Tori is a witch.

Together, Derek, Simon, Chloe, Tori and Liz are working as a group to get away from the "scientists" who want to run experiments on them to figure out their powers.

When the group reaches a close friend of Derek and Simon's father, they find out that Andrew used to be a part of the "scientist" group for supernaturals but now is trying to destroy that company.

In order to do that, though, they need Chloe and her friend's help to make sure it will be fully destroyed.

My Thoughts/Reflections
I think I liked this book even more! There really wasn't much going on, just everyone trying to find a safe place to meet up and figure out what to do next.

During the journey, though, we see Chloe's supernatural power some more - sometimes out of order and others when Chloe tries to use it. We also see Derek fighting his metamorphosis into a wolf.

There is some subtle romantic feelings in this book, just like the first, between Chloe and both Derek and Simon. I know most might pick Simon because he is the cuter, more outgoing out of the two brothers, but I think I would like to see Chloe and Derek together. Derek is the not so good looking one since he's in his puberty stage still, but every time Chloe and Derek were together he was always protecting her and got emotional when Chloe was "causing trouble". I think they'd make a cute couple!

Even though this was mostly them running from place to place, we learned more about the organization hunting them and we learn more about all of the characters.

I'm excited to see what happens in the final book of this series and where Kelley Armstrong goes with it.

I would definitely recommend these books to teens who like paranormal stories, and want to read another novel about necromancers since there aren't too many out there yet.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong

The Summoning - #1 in the Darkest Powers Series by Kelley Armstrong

Going to an art school for classes about film directing was a normal day for Chloe Saunders. Until the day her monthly cycle came and she saw a janitor with burn scars chasing after her in the hallways.

That janitor, though? He wasn't alive. He was actually a ghost trying to talk to Chloe, as she was the only one who would see him.

After that episode, where the teachers had to sedate Chloe as she was trying to run away from the ghost, Chloe was sent to a "house for troubled teens". Now she has to prove to everyone that she can't see ghosts - that it was just a mistake.

Which is kind of hard to do when ghosts keep popping out of nowhere scaring her each time. The more time Chloe spends in the Lyle House with the other teenagers, the more she realizes that things are not as they seemed when she first got there.

With the other teenagers: Derek, a 6 foot, acne face 16 year old; Simon (Derek's older brother); Rae, a girl who likes looking at fire; Liz, the perky, happy one of the bunch; and Tori, the snarky, queen of the House, Chloe learns more about each teenager and how they are not so normal as she first thought...

After teenagers have left the house, Chloe forgets the idea of trying to be a "normal, non-ghost seeing girl" and starts to contact the spirits. What she finds would make anyone in that situation get goose bumps...

My Thoughts/Reflections
I was sure what I would think of this book. I've read great reviews and I read Armstrong's newest book series The Gathering, so I wanted to see how this book would pan out.

After figuring out some mysteries, I'm now hooked. There aren't too many books being written about talking to the dead/ghosts, so the storyline was new and refreshing. Also, there wasn't a heavy romantic appeal - at least in this first book of the series - which kept me hooked on the story rather than who the main girl would choose to fall in love.

This was a very easy and fast paced book to read. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes paranormal but is getting tired of the fallen angel/vampire/werewolf stories that are being over written lately.

This is also the first book of a triology, which all books are finished and available for purchase/checking out so there is not waiting for the start/ending of the story!! Yay!

Reviews will be up for the second and third book very soon (As soon as I read them :))

Monday, March 19, 2012

Rosebush by Michele Jaffe

Jane has always wanted to fit in. She wanted to be a part of the popular crowd and have friends to count on. When she moved to a new school and found one of the popular girls crying in the bathroom, she instantly became "one of them".

After a party gone wrong, though, Jane wakes up in the hospital temporarily paralyzed and mute from a hit and run.

Jane can't remember anything. She has a feeling that one of her friends did this to her, but her mind is only coming back in pieces. After talking to her boyfriend, friends, and random visitors, he memory slowly comes back - but nothing makes sense.

On top of that, Jane is getting gifts from a "Secret Admirer" and seeing things, getting random, unknown calls from the person who is going to come back and finished what they started.

No one will believe Jane when she says the murderer is coming back for her. They already found a suspect in which they had Jane's purse and phone, so the case was closed.

The more Jane's memory comes back, the more she is remembering, and hopefully, can figure out the person who tried to kill her before it's too late.

My Thoughts/Reflections
This was a great book! Jane struggles through the whole book to figure out what had happened that night at the party while also trying to keep her sanity, and proving to everyone that she is sane as well.

Throughout the whole book I kept trying to figure out who the suspect would be. I didn't guess until the very end right before it was revealed, but even then Michele Jaffe tried to trick me. She will literally keep you guessing who the killer is until the last few pages.

Jane is one tough cookie. She wakes up, can't move, can't talk, and she still tries to fight against what happened to her to figure out who would do something horrible to her. She knows it's one of her friends with the little she remembers from the night of the party, but not enough to remotely remember who ran her over.

I would recommend this to any reader because, while there are random love interests in here, this is mainly about finding out who hit Jane and why - it's a mystery that I think anyone would want to read and try to solve the mystery before Jane does herself!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Are You Alone on Purpose? by Nancy Werlin

Alison has always been more mature for her age. That's because her twin brother, Adam, is autistic and Alison has had to watch for signs of his temper tantrums and such.

In eighth grade, Alison got picked on a lot from Harry. He made fun of her for being nerdy (since her father is a math/science genius) and made fun of Adam without blinking - so Alison wasn't a fan of Harry's.

A few weeks before beginning high school, Adam tried diving at camp and ended up breaking his spine, paralyzing himself from the waist down.

When Adam was preparing for his bar mitzvah, Harry and Alison started to talk to one another. Slowly, Harry realized that, even though Alison was a nerd, she was smart and almost a normal girl. Alison slowly started to find out why Harry was so mean all of the time and who he really was as a person.

My Thoughts/Reflections
This was a different book than what I've read before.

First, the characters are younger than what I normal read (ages 14 and 15) so they were thinking more the lines of "being popular and well liked" than "I want a boyfriend/girlfriend".

Second, Adam. I liked Adam. I've never been around an autistic person, so reading about his abilities and habits was very interesting to me.

This is a book about growing up and self-identity. Harry was a bully at the beginning of the novel, but after his accident, he changed as a person. I always like seeing character development happen in a book and I really think Harry and Alison grew more into the adult they will become throughout the events that unfold in the story.

I would definitely recommend this book. It's a stand alone, suited for both guys and girls because the chapters alternate between Harry and Alison's thoughts, and the content in this book might help the reader fully appreciate their life and friends that they have.

Friday, March 9, 2012

The Long Night of Leo and Bree by Ellen Wittlinger

For 10 hours, Bree and Leo have the longest night of their life. Leo is hurting because it’s the day where his older sister was brutally murdered four years ago. Bree wanted to get away from the demands of everyone in her life.

Who knew they were going to meet and go through a rollercoaster of emotions?

Bree went to the shadier town than she’s used to, to experience an adventure. She didn’t know what was coming her way.

When Leo saw Bree walking the streets, he thought that she should have been her sister and that her sister should still be alive today.

After their crazy, long night of their life, nothing will ever be the same.


My Thoughts/Reflections
I wasn’t sure where this book would go after reading the descriptions online, but I knew I desperately wanted to find out.

It wasn’t what I thought – but I did enjoy the story and the struggle both characters were going through.

This is a very short book. I mean very short. Just 100 pages of alternating narrations between Leo and Bree, so we get both of their stories and why they do what they do in this novel.

I would recommend this book to others! Guys and girls, teens and adults. It’s not a fairy tale story, though, although it’s not gruesome either. It’s just a story about a boy struggling with his troubled past and a girl who wants to escape her predictable future. 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire

It's Abby's first year in college, in a town where she didn't grow up in, and only one person knows her past life (her best friend, America). This is a chance for Abby to start over and be the mature, grownup, and law abiding person that she's always wanted to be.

At first, it was working wonders. Then, Abby met Travis Maddox. Travis, a fighter, tattooed, bad boy who, after seeing Abby, started hanging around her, even after she showed no interested in starting something with Travis.

That didn't fly so well with Travis. He could have every and any girl that he wants - what's a little challenge? Everything.

After staying with Travis and America's boyfriend, Shepley, when the water heater broke in her dorm room, Abby and Travis make a bet: If he doesn't get his once in his fight, Abby has to stay with Travis for a month. If he gets hit once, Travis will remain abstinent for the next month.

Throughout Travis and Abby's relationship, they go through so many ups and downs that it would give anyone whiplash, but the following months will test both Abby and Travis's restraint toward one another and the chemistry that flares up whenever they are around one another.

My Thoughts/Reflections
Wow. This book made my top 5. No, maybe my top 3.

First, the chemistry between Abby and Travis is ridiculous. Half the time when they were fighting, the reader could still see sparks flying between them, and when they kissed and made up? Let's just say, I'm very envious of Abby. Very.

Okay, so I think I liked this story because it was set in college and because Abby was very resistant to the idea of being with Travis. Travis represented her past and what she did not want to happen to her future. Boy, did that girl put up a fight. I'm very impressed.

Beautiful Disaster was very real, to me. The events that happened can definitely happen in real life and many college students do go through most of the things Abby and America went through. Life is not easy. College is not easy. But if you fight for what you want, the results could end in your favor. Like what happened with Abby and Travis.

Since this book is now my top 3 (Please don't ask what the other two are - I have no idea) I would most certainly recommend this book. However! I'm recommending it to older teens, and mainly girls, because of some content in this novel (sexual content, gambling, illegal fighting, etc.)

Of course, now that I've mentioned those content, it might be a book that everyone wants to read, but I'm sticking to my recommendation of older teen readers. If you are older, and want a swoon worthy book to fall in love with and to never end, the go buy this book on Amazon today!

Trust me. You won't regret it!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Fine Art of Truth or Dare by Melissa Jensen

Being the student who's on scholarship at a high society school can be tough. Being the student who's in the "invisible" club while crushing on popular and rich boy who doesn't know she exists? That makes it a little tougher.

Ella is okay with her secret crush though. She has Edward to keep her company. The only problem is that Edward Willing died in the 1900's. He was a painter who Ella has falling in love with and is researching about for her art history paper.

Ella and her two best friends, Sadie and Frankie, play the game of Truth and Dare. It's one way they find out information about each other where they all know they will tell the truth no matter what.

After being obsessed with Alex for a few years, Ella finds herself being tutored by Alex for her French class. She has no idea how to talk to him at first, but then the connection between the two starts to catch on fire and they are talking about everything and nothing.

Will Ella and Alex overcome the society differences they are encountering at school, or are they supposed to stay in their separate worlds? Read The Fine Art of Truth and Dare to find out!

My Thoughts/Reflections
This book had a twist of art/museums, society differences/groups, and overcoming judgmental thoughts about others.

I really liked Ella. She is Italian and has a big family who owns a restaurant, so the interaction with her and her family was just hilarious. Then she has Frankie, the lovable, gay guy friend who seems fearless and daring, whereas Sadie is a talented singer, but a shy girl trying to find her individuality away from her demanding mother.

And Alex. Smart, caring, and so not how you would think a son of a politician and a news reporter would be. I liked Alex. He got Ella to open up in a way that not many people could do. He was considerate of Ella's feelings, but also to everyone else's feelings.

I enjoyed this novel. With the historical information about Edward Willing included in here it was definitely different than other YA romance novels because it has historical facts that Ella was trying to find on an artist - I'm not sure if it was all legit or not, but it seemed that Melissa Jensen took a lot of time with the content about Willing.

I would recommend this book for any female wanting a flirty romance story that also has an art history context thrown in there.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Friday Night Lights (TV show)

I just watched the complete series of Friday Night Lights - the television show that was on NBC from 2006-2011 (so 5 seasons altogether).

This show is set in Dillon, TX, a small community where everyone loves football. And I mean everyone. There is a new coach in town, Coach Eric Taylor, and his family: wife, Tami Taylor and 15-year-old daughter Julie Taylor.

Everyone is suspicious if Coach Taylor can take this team to state, which is the only thing anyone can think about when talking about football.

Coach Taylor even has the next all-star quarterback, Jason Street, to play for his team the first year coaching. After the first game, though, Jason gets hurt and Coach Taylor's preparation for the season is messed up.

Now Coach needs to use the second string quarterback, Matt Sarcean, to finish the game. Surprisingly, after a few messups, Matt was able to win the first game for the Dillon Panthers before the team went to see how Jason was doing.

When everyone finds out that Jason was paralyzed from the waist down and will never recover his legs again, the whole team, plus the whole town has to adjust to Matt being the quarterback and still try to aim for state.

As seasons went on, players were changed and new stars were found through Coach Taylor and his ability to coach good athletes into amazing players and people.

My Thoughts/Reflections
Now, I'm not a big football fan. Actually, I really could care less about football to be honest. However, during all of the games that were played on this show, I was yelling things like, "Defense! Pick it up, defense!" or "That's a flag, ref!"

Let's just say, I got into not only the storyline, but the game as well, whether I was a football fan or not.

This show was amazing! They went in depth with all of the main characters, having their own background story and problems they have to deal with while also feeling the pressure from the town while on the football team.

I also like how the show kept the students in the grades they were supposed to be in and graduated when they were supposed to (although I got confused at first who was what grade because they never really talked about who was what age in the first season. Just Jason, who was a senior, was the only one I was sure of first season.).

I would recommend this show to teenagers and adults. There are a lot of relatable events that happen in this show: loss, love, sports, family, friends, problems in school, heartbreak. And it's set in a small town, so anyone from a small town will definitely be able to relate to the atmosphere of Dillon, TX.

I'm glad that I watched all of this show and I wish that there could be more. Even though it was 5 seasons of football, there were new characters to meet, different problems that arouse, and we got to see the older characters in their new life, whether it was college, working, or with a new family.

Since it is all finished, you can try to find it online for free (like I did) or all 5 seasons are available in one collection on (Click here if you're interested).