Thursday, October 19, 2017

Review: The Smoking Lamp

The Smoking Lamp The Smoking Lamp by Kimberly Loth
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I received this free eARC novel from the author and Red Coat Publishing in exchange for my honest review.

Liv has just come back from Egypt, where her older brother was there to take photos for his work, when she found her best friend and her boyfriend in bed together. That's not a great welcome back for her at all. And now she has to go to school after a great spring break trip, to know that everyone in the school will be watching how she reacts when Nora and Kole are together.

But Liv will suck it up and deal with it. And it doesn't hurt that there is a new boy in school: Gabe. Though she is too embarassed to look at him since he saw her in her underwear. How he got in her bedroom, she doesn't know, but now she can't look at the smoking hot guy whenever he is around.

And Gabe is constantly around because he needs to hear the wishes that Liv is making. Because when Liv was in Egypt, she found his vessel and opened it, releasing Gabe from 3,000 years trapped in their not able to do his genie or Jinn duties. So he has a lot of time to make up. And he is bidding his time on making the death wish because, as much as he wants Liv's life source to fill him up, he is liking the time he has been spending with her. But Gabe realizes that he may be liking LIV more than her life source, which is what all jinn live for.

Liv is liking the way that Gabe makes Kole jealous, so she's warming up to the idea of playing games with Gabe. But the more she is around him, the more she realizes that she might be falling for him, which is way too soon for her broken heart after what Nora and Kole did to her.

But when Liv brought Gabe to the states after her trip in Egypt, she didn't realize that she brought back 10 more jinns! And those guys don't care if the kill an innocent girl, as long as they get their life source fix.

Now girls in a small town of Michigan are dying for no apparent reason, and Liv is the next in line to die in order to hurt Gabe and make him suffer for something he did 3,000 years ago.

This was such a great book! Wow! I don't know if I have read a genie/jinn book, but if I had, it definitely isn't that memorable like this book is! I flew through this book so fast - I got it today and started reading it at 2pm during lunch, and I had to work until 6pm, so you know a book is good when it only took about 3-4 hours to read!

I love the details that Kimberly Loth gave us for the background story, but left just enough secrets to reveal at the right time. The only thing that was lacking was at the very end when the big stuff was happening. It seemed like she was rushing and glossed over a few things that would have been nice to have had to explain things further. But other than that - no complaints here!

Liv is an interesting girl. She says she is shy but she doesn't like to be alone because of what happened to her parents. And speaking of her parents, I could never in a million years know what Liv went through during that terrible nightmare. To wake up like that? No, it's just awful. So I get her sense of never wanting to be alone, but Liv is not shy. I get that she doesn't like to be embarrassed, because who does, but Liv has her moments where she is very outspoken and draws attention to herself.

And the thing with Nora and Kole is just stupid - to have people like that in your life who you trusted without a doubt and have that happen? I would have gotten revenge if I was Liv... Just saying...

Gabe is so yummy. I just can't even with him. And the way he was always trying to get Liv's attention? I don't know how that girl ignored him for so long, because I would have been like "heck yeah! let's do this!" But Liv is a much stronger girl than me, and I give her props for that.

I loved the backstory of the jinn world, and I am now debating if I need to go find more genie/jinn books in my life :) Nah, I have other books that are backed up, but I know what to look for in the future!

I am so glad I got this as an advanced reader copy, and I cannot wait for the second book in this series because I HAVE GOT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!!!

This is why I usually wait to read the books until all novels in the series are released...just saying.

I am definitely going to be recommending this book to YA readers because it was a great book!

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Review: Touch of Ice

Touch of Ice Touch of Ice by Aleah Raynes
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I received this free eARC from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

Ayla and her three sisters witnessed their parents murdered by their terrible, jealous uncle, and then they were captured and sent to a prison camp. Their uncle wants to be king and he took the most direct way to do it, but he is destroying the kingdom with his evilness.

Since Ayla and her sisters powers and wings were bound, they are powerless to do any magic, but they are going to fight their way to the palace and find a way to get their kingdom back.

Dain, his brother Vander, and their two friends got themselves stuck in the prison camp so that they can break out the sisters and get them back to the kingdom. It was a tough start because Ayla isn't allowing Dain to talk to her at all, but after many failed attempts, he finally gets through to her and they devise a plan to get them out.

Little did any of them know that there is a mission for the sisters. They are giving ancient artifacts that they have to get to their proper location before it is too late. A seer predicted this war, and she also predicted all of the things that would need to be fixed in order for the kingdom to be saved.

But as much as the seer knew, she didn't let on HOW they were to use the artifacts and now all 8 of the teenagers are going to have to figure out how to use them in order to save their kingdom and their people.

I love books about magic and dragons and romance, and this book had it all. And for the most part, I enjoyed this book, but it was just so...simple. There wasn't enough meat about the history of the sisters. Not that I needed it because it was easy to figure out, but because of the lack of information that was given about any of the characters, I was left not really attached to anyone in this book. There wasn't enough emotion for me to care about any of the teens and the details were lacking in some parts.

The pairing of the sisters and their guards were obvious and so cliche I think I actually rolled my eyes when it happened. The instant connection between Ayla and Dain was just too much and then seeing the sisters react to their attraction was annoying because they were almost judging, yet they were doing the exact same thing.

This is a very short book that a reader will fly through it in a day or less, if there are no other commitments. I think this could have had a lot more potential if it were longer with more information and details, and also a little bit more spark between the two love birds. Plus the suddenness of some events drove me crazy, and the characters were like "oh, okay".

Overall it was a nice story, and if I stumble upon the next 3 (at least) books I may read them, but it's not something that I will mark on my calendars on release day.

I think readers who enjoy magic and romance and mystery will enjoy this book!

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Review: Netherworld

Netherworld Netherworld by Amy Miles
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received this free eARC novel from the authors and from Red Coat Publishing in exchange for my honest review.

Taryn is a banshee. No, not the one that you are thinking of where they scream and suck people's souls out of their bodies. That is just the typical lie that humans are told. No, Taryn retrieves humans souls when they die and help them onto the boat to get to heaven. She lives in a world where humans can't see or reach, but she is constantly in their world helping the humans move on into their next life. Only women are banshees, and guys are reapers - soldiers who are trained to fight the Lorcan - the monsters who are out to steal the souls before they can be at rest.

Taryn hates that she can't be a fighter, because her world is pretty sexist and splits the two jobs between gender instead of talent or their own wishes. But she doesn't let that stop her. In fact, with the help from her cousin, she has been training on how to fight in secret with him for a few years now. Just in case she would ever need to defend herself.

When Taryn is in the human realm, she realizes that there was a "mistake" on her job and she is actually faced with a Lorcan. And just because she has trained, she really doesn't know what it means to fight and kill a Lorcan.

Thankfully she makes it out of there alive - with a lot of nasty looking scars - but one interesting thing happened: a human guy saw her. Humans can't see banshees, but Devlin definitely saw Taryn when she was covered in blood and so many wounds.

With a war abrewing in the Netherworld, Taryn is determined to make her people see that her king is corrupt and possibly even aiding the Lorcan to reach their town. With the help of the Crown Prince Aed, Taryn may be able to do something to stop the destruction of her people.

Even though Taryn is tied up with the state of her people, she is always drawn to Devlin. First it was because she had to transport his twin sister over after she passes away, but also because Devlin is not like anyone that she knows.

Now Taryn is in this terrible triangle between herself, Devlin, and Aed of all people and things are getting a little out of control, which is not good since Taryn really loves to be in control of all things.

One thing is for sure, though. Nothing is going to be the same after Taryn figures out what to do, and she better figure it out quick, because she's pretty sure that the King wants her dead, and fast before she starts a revolt.

This was a great novel! I wasn't sure what to expect when I first started reading it, but I was immediately sucked into the story and flew threw the whole thing like I needed air to breathe!

Taryn is such a badass and I love her oh so much. She doesn't give two shits what happens to her because she is all about revealing the secrets of the king and getting to the bottom of the Lorcan issue that her town is having with them. She doesn't let the law stop her from training to be a mediocre reaper, because she wants to be able to defend herself and have a fighting chance.

Devlin is an okay guy. He doesn't do it for me like he does for Taryn, but that's okay because I got Prince Aed :) But I do feel for Devlin because he lost his twin sister and it ate him up inside so much. I can't imagine being that close to a person and then to lose them so quickly. And to have that person be the other half of you? It would be devastating. I think in the next book we might bet a mire intense version of Devlin since he did a lot of grieving during this book, and he will have a different mission to focus on now that he needs to find Taryn.

And Prince Aed... I gotta admit, I am totally Team Aed. I don't know, a crown prince, a soldier, a sensitive guy. One who is trying to solve all problems around him. I definitely fell for him during the first chapter we had his point of view, and I never stopped falling after that. Plus I think that Aed and Taryn would be great together because they could do so much good overall. And the push each other so much. Granted, I bet that she will end up with Devlin, since he is the one the authors focus on during the synopsis, but I am hoping for my kind of ending! ;)

I am so glad that I got this an an ARC and now I just have to wait a year to see what happens to all of these characters - bummer. But I loved the comedy, the seriousness, the different world and overall everything about this book! I definitely recommend it to everyone! :)

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Friday, October 13, 2017

Review: Broken Skies

Broken Skies Broken Skies by Theresa Kay
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I received this free eARC novel from the author and Red Coat Publishing in exchange for my honest review.

Jax and Jace are twins who have just moved into the town closest to their cabin. They were living just fine on their own until a couple of guys broke into the house and traumatized Jax. Then Jace decided that they weren't that safe there, and moved them to the strict rules of the town, which Jax hates. Sure Jace can do whatever he wants because he's a boy, but as a girl Jax is supposed to act a certain way and be prepared and happy to be matched off with a mate when she turns 18.

That's not her cup of tea.

When she escapes from the guarded wall to go find Jace, who is out hunting, Jax never thought that she would witness a spaceship land from the city. Or that Jace would be taken with the aliens, and an alien would be left behind.

Now Jax has no alternative but to work with the alien, Lir, in order to get her brother back. He is the only family she has, and he has been her rock through all of these years. Even though she doesn't trust Lir, she has to trust that he wants them same thing as she does: to get back to the city. And he doesn't seem to know very much about wilderness stuff, so Jax has some leverage over him so he can't really leave her alone to try to break into the city.

The longer they spend time together, though, the more Jax thinks that maybe she can trust Lir. That maybe there is more between them then there should be. Because she tends to think about him a lot, and not in the hatred kind of way she did when she first met him.

They both get into so many jams along the way through their journey, such as a bear rummaging through their camping supplies, a rattle snake bite and poisoning, townsmen trying to capture them for their own gain, and Jax getting matched with the most unlikely person.

But Jax is determined to find Jace. She just hopes that she will get their in time before it's too late.

I love alien novels, so I was super excited to get this as an eARC. But something was off for me. I don't know if it was Jax and Lir's friendship/relationship or how stiff the writing was, but I felt like something was off for me. Jax was always, ALWAYS repeating the same stuff over and over again that it was driving me nuts. And the background information for how the aliens came to Earth wasn't fully explained, so it left the reader wondering about a lot of details.

And poor Jax and Lir. They did not have the best of times when they were traveling to the city. In fact, they never caught it break. It was like they weren't meant to go there, and everything in it's power was trying to stop both of them. At some point I might have given up myself, to be honest.

Lir kept way too many secrets from Jax, and that hurt them in the end. If only he would have opened up more and told her things, Jax would have understood and could have played along to get better results, but instead he messed everything up. And Lir is way too trusting of everyone in his life, which might be a good thing in a different world, but the world that he lives in? No. Just no.

And Jax was not trusting enough and didn't give someone the benefit of the doubt when they needed it, which made everything take 3 times longer to get through because she wouldn't just trust them a little and had to make them prove it.

These two together was a bit of a nightmare to be honest. And the whole love interest between them? Felt a bit too forced for my liking. And there was so many mood swings between the two of them that I would have rather they traveled separately so I wasn't whipped around so much.

Overall, it was an okay novel for me. I don't think I'll attempt to read the other books in the series because I might get more frustrated, but it was a good novel to keep me entertained and in a different world. I think fans of supernatural/science fiction will enjoy this novel by Theresa Kay!

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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

TOUR: Wolves and Roses (by Christina Bauer) TOUR!!

I got a great opportunity to read Wolves and Roses by Christina Bauer as an advance reader in September (here is my review:, and now they are going to have a TOUR where you get FREE STUFF!!!

I loved this book, so if you are interested in this tour, here is the information:

RSVP for the WOLVES & ROSES Tour now… Get a T-Shirt Later

WOLVES AND ROSES is the new young adult shifter fairy tale by best-selling author Christina Bauer which “blends magical fantasy, swooning romance, and a bucketful of teenage sass” (Booklist) and is “a fun romp for Twilight fans” (School Library Journal).

And now they’re having a bookstore tour where you can get your copy of WOLVES AND ROSES signed, meet characters from the novel, and even take home a swag bag full of goodies… including a themed t-shirt! Bottom line? You don’t want to miss the WOLVES AND ROSES book launch tour.

Be sure to RSVP today and arrive early to the event (links down below) — there’s only a limited amount of swag bags given out on a first-come, first served basis to folks who purchase a new copy of WOLVES AND ROSES.


Barnes & Noble, Prudential Center, Boston MA
Wednesday, November 1st, 5:00 PM EST

Barnes & Noble, Framingham, MA
Thursday, November 2nd, 7:00 PM EST


Bluestockings, Manhattan
Friday, November 3rd, 7:00 PM EST


Barnes & Noble, Corte Madera, CA
Saturday, November 4th, 12:00 NOON PST



Barnes & Noble, Oakbrook IL
Wednesday, November 7th, 7:00 PM

The Book Cellar, Chicago, IL
Wednesday, November 8th, 7:00 PM CST

Monday, October 9, 2017

Review: Morrighan

Morrighan Morrighan by Mary E. Pearson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Morrighan was 8 years old when she met Jafir for the first time. And she was terrified. Just a boy, but he was a scavenger and they take everything that is worth value away from tribes like hers. But instead of giving away her location, and possibly saving her life, Jafir saves her and leaves her be.

Throughout the years, Morrighan and Jafir meet one another. The first few meetings are really tense and unsure, but when both of their tribes are settled for a short period of time, they start to meet every day. And the more they meet, the stronger their friendship grows.

Morrighan teaches Jafir how to read, and how to find edible plants to eat. Jafir teaches Morrighan how to hunt and his language of different words.

But their happy life is about to change when Jafir's tribe finds out about Morrighan. Because Morrighan's history has a dark secret that is about to be revealed, and she is going to be tested severely in order for her to survive.

I am so glad that my library had this eBook that I could read quickly through! It explains so much and definitely completes the entire Remnant Chronicles series for me. I was always a bit confused about the Venda, Morrighan story, so this definitely clears a lot up for me!

I love Morrighan and Jafir's story, even though it's very hard and so, so heartbreaking at some points. It was so great to be able to see how it all started - from the VERY beginning - and how it progressed throughout the years. And to see the inner struggle that both characters were going through during their morality struggle was so bitter sweet.

This was such a great novella and I am definitely recommending that anyone who enjoyed the series, NEEDS to read this great story to fully get the whole story of this amazing series.

This was a great way to end the series as a whole, and I am so glad I got around to reading this. I will definitely be recommending it to YA lovers! :)

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Saturday, October 7, 2017

Review: The Beauty of Darkness

The Beauty of Darkness The Beauty of Darkness by Mary E. Pearson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received this eARC novel from Edelweiss in exchange for my honest review.

Lia has had a lot of terrible things happen to her in a very short amount of time, but that isn't destroying her mission or spirit. She's determined to avenge her name and her family who is being betrayed from the inside.

But Lia is coming up with a lot of resistance and she needs to find the will to make everyone listen. After being a part of 2 countries, she realizes she needs to go home and save her people. But her people are all over the world now that she has been a part of each community so deeply.

And many people in Lia's life are in extreme danger if she decides to go against the Kominar. But if she doesn't, they are also going to be in extreme danger. So Lia needs to make a decision on what she needs to do the most.

Because war is coming, and she needs to be completely prepared in order to keep the most important people in her life safe and sound from the dragon that is coming to destroy her home.

I am so glad that I read this series! Lia is such an amazing girl who is full of love and ambition and determination and strength. She is always going out of her way to make sure that everyone is safe and that she is taking on the whole world on her shoulders.

From going to a girl who ran away from an arranged married to a girl leading an army, Lia has become the strongest person I can think of. And I just love her so much.

The love triangle between Rafe, Lia and Kaden was just insane. You seriously didn't know what was going to happen by the end of the novel and of course I have my pick of which one I love more.

This was such a great series and I'm so glad that I finally got around to reading them. I will definitely be looking out for more books by Mary E. Pearson now to see what other amazing novels she's written!

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Sunday, October 1, 2017

Review: The Heart of Betrayal

The Heart of Betrayal The Heart of Betrayal by Mary E. Pearson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Lia has been captured by the assassin who was out to get her, and now she is on her way to Venda and wondering how she is going to escape this prison she is being forced into. After a very brutal and trying journey through all kinds of weather and emotional events, Lia arrives at Venda, only to have Rafe suddenly show up with secrets of his own.

Lia realizes that the two men in her life are not who they said they were, and now she doesn't know who to trust at all. Which is a terrible thing to find yourself in when you are in the enemies territory and are trying to find a way out.

But the more Lia is in Venda, the more she is starting to learn about her place in this town. And she is also learning more and more about the history of not only Venda, but of all the colonies in her life. Because the ancient stories that she has been told as a child are not quite right. And only with the persistence of studying an ancient language and text is she going to truly know what her role is.

Because her mother naming her a unique name was not as accidental as she may have thought. And Lia's role in everything is about to become extremely important very soon.

This was a great novel! There were a few moments where I thought it was a bit slow and dry for my taste, but I stuck with it because I love Lia's story and I have to know how everything pans out in the end.

This is such a great storyline and very unique and I'm loving it so much. The first book has the mystery of the boys and what was going to happen with Lia (because we all know that her life as a bar maid just wasn't going to last, let's be honest). This book was how Lia was going to escape Venda and how she could trust in a city full of enemies. And the third book is hopefully going to answer all of my dying questions that I need fulfilled!!

I have to say, Rafe is my boy. I am so rooting for him and I seriously hope that nothing gets screwed up in the third book because I might be royally P.O.ed... Just saying.

I'm glad I finally got around to read this series, and while I get very upset when the author kills off so many innocent people and puts my heart into a fake heart attack, I'm so loving it and can't wait to read the third and final book!

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Monday, September 25, 2017

Review: The Kiss of Deception

The Kiss of Deception The Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received this free eARC novel from Edelweiss in exchange for my honest review.

Lia is the First Daughter - the only daughter - of her people and because of that title, she is required to marry the Prince of Dalbreck. But Lia doesn't like tradition, and after being shunned at her request to meet the Prince in person before their wedding, Lia decides to take matters in her own hands.

She doesn't make it to her wedding. Instead, her friend, Pauline, and Lia make a run for it. Lia knows she is going to be hunted by her father's men, along with the kingdom of Dalbreck's men, but Lia just can't convince herself to marry a stranger for an alliance she had no say about it. That is not her life, and she wants to marry for love, rather than to avoid a possible war.

When they make their destination, Lia and Pauline get a job working at the pub and tavern in the town, and stay in a small, dusty room. Lia is loving it. She meets two newcomers after awhile and finds an attraction to both of them - for two different reasons. Because Rafe and Kaden are complete opposites, but both of them gain Lia's attention right away.

Lia is loving her new life full of hard work and no royal majesty's thrown her way. This is the life she has always wanted, and she made it happen.

But the two boys she likes? Yeah, neither one are who they say they are. In fact, one is the prince that she jilted. And the other is an assassin that was sent by Venda.

Things are about to drastically change for Lia, and she is going to have to decide how to handle everything to make sure it ends in the best way possible.

Oh, sneaky, sneaky, sneaky Mary E. Pearson. I swore I had it all figured out about the mystery of the two boys that appeared in Lia's life, but I was COMPLETELY wrong!!! And I am always never wrong!!! So kudos to Pearson, because I was so stunned and shocked and I LOVED it!!

This book was soo, soo, soo good! I am kicking myself for waiting three years to read it, but I really wanted to read the whole series together rather than waiting for it.

And honestly I'm glad I did because that ending was just so high tense and I cannot wait to see what happens! And now I don't have to because I have the second book in my hand.

I'm so glad that Lia decided to do what was best for her, and not for her father's business proposal to the neighboring kingdom. She is a person, she has feelings, and she deserves to make her own decisions rather than be bossed around by everyone around her. Plus she doesn't even have the gift that everyone wants her to have and that would have made for some awkward revelations down the road...

Both boys have their smoothness. I swear I knew who was who, but when it was revealed, I had it completely wrong! I did have my favorite boy out of the bunch, but I'm not even going into that for this review in case there are other readers out there like me who are behind the times, haha.

Overall, I enjoyed this story so much and will definitely be recommending it to other readers! And I'm very excited to get into the second book to see what adventures await for Lia!

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Review: The Billionaire's Deal: The Complete Story: An Alpha Billionaire Romance

The Billionaire's Deal: The Complete Story: An Alpha Billionaire Romance The Billionaire's Deal: The Complete Story: An Alpha Billionaire Romance by Crystal Kaswell
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I received this free eARC novel from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

Ever since Kat's parents died in a car accident, Kat has not had a break in life. She has had to take care of her younger sister, Lizzy, and find a way to support both of themselves. Kat wasn't able to go to college or enjoy the last few days in high school, but instead has been struggling to find a good job to help pay the bills and the house mortage. Basically, at 18, she had to grow up really quickly and really wants a chance to get caught up in life.

When she bumps into Blake outside of a terrible job interview, Kat doesn't know what she is in for. Because Blake is a billionaire who has a proposition for her: he wants her to be his fake girlfriend. His mom is dying, and he wants her to think that Blake is happy in love before she dies. Blake is willing to pay a lot of money for this fake relationship, and sadly Kat is in a position where she is willing to lie to strangers to get that money to help pay for Lizzy's college tuition and other important things.

So Kat gets all primped and primed for her new life at a girlfriend of a billionaire, but things go differently than she expected. For example, her job decides to fire her because of all of the attention she is getting and now people are just hounding her workplace waiting to talk to her.

Things are going pretty well for Kat, plus the sex with Blake is fantastic. But soon Kat realizes she wants more for her future, and being in a fake relationship is starting to take a toll on her. She is going to have to make some tough decisions soon about what she wants in life.

This book was okay for me. I definitely love New Adult and erotica, and this book definitely had both, but it was a little disconnected for me to really enjoy. I don't know, the characters were a little stiff for me, plus we all know that Blake won't fall in love, so he was very distant and so serious all of the time.

I did feel for Kat that she had to go through all of that heartbreak at such a young age and figure out how to be an adult when she should have had years of fun and being young still. And to have to be the legal guardian of her younger sister so they wouldn't get separated would be so gut wrenching to go from a big sister to a parent figure.

So I was very happy that she was the lucky girl who Blake decided to go with this ruse, but she is not made for the life of the rich and famous and disconnected. And she went from working two jobs to being on call for social events and gatherings. That is a lot to take in because she was always running around, and now she is bored out of her mind.

This book was just okay. I've read better books of the same story, so it was a refresher of the New Adult genre. I am glad that I got the complete story rather than parts of it, and I'm very glad that I got this an an eARC to experience the story.

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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Review: Lucky Number Eleven

Lucky Number Eleven Lucky Number Eleven by Adriana Locke
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I received this free eARC novel from Red Coat Publishing and the author in exchange for my honest review.

Branch was enjoying a nice vacation at his teammates cabin in IL, when he got blindsided by Finn's sister Layla James, who was taking a vacation as well and came to the same cabin. From the moment he saw her, Branch knew he had to have her. And the more he got to know her, the more he decided she's a girl he can't wait to claim for himself.

Of course, there are a few reasons why this would be a bad thing. One, Finn is going to kick his ass if Branch touches one little hair on his baby sister. And two, Branch is a professional football player, where getting attached to a girl is not really a thing, to be honest. The lifestyle is all about partying and girls and playing ball, and hoping that they don't get killed by the other team on the field.

But Branch is more than happy to have a good fling during their weekend of relaxation and fun.

When Layla saw Branch, she knew she was in trouble. After getting out, yet again, another relationship with a different football player, she is coming to realize that maybe she should stay clear of football players for the rest of her life. But when she sees Branch, Layla knows that her new resolution is flying out of the back window.

Branch oozes sexiness and sins that Layla is all too happy to commit, and she's going to do it with a smile on her face.

But the weekend of fun and sexy times sadly comes to an end and both Branch and Layla have a lot of bigger fish to fry when it comes down to the two of them. Because something unexpected happened, and now they both have to come to terms with where they want to lives to go. And they need to decide pretty soon.

I very much enjoyed this book. Honestly, the bantering between Branch and Layla was just outstanding. I was always waiting for the next amazing thing to be said between the two of them, and I was always granted my wish when it happened :)

Those two were just sizzling the first time that Layla saw Branch through the windshield of the car at the cabin. Plus, having them start their thing at a cabin in the woods by a lake is just so romantic and set such a great mood and scene for those two. If they had met at a raving party in Chicago? It might not have had the same effect on me, I think.

Layla is a great character. I am amazed that she can make a living writing blog posts online and now I want to figure out how she does that so I can quit my job and get paid to read and post reviews! Ha, no seriously I know people do that, but I think reading and blogging would become to hard for me if I did that. I'll just stick to blogging my thoughts for myself and any surprised person who stumbles to my blog on accident :)

Branch is such a southern boy. He pretends to be a big player, but he gave himself away when he was talking about his grandmother and he is just a little sweetheart on the inside. He just needed Layla around to bring it out full force and bring his true colors out.

I'm so glad I got to read this! I'm probably not going to read any of the other books in the series, but I am glad that this is the one out of the bunch that I got because it was a very good book and I loved both of the characters. While they heed and hawed their way through the issues, it made it more realistic and the ending was just what was needed :)

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Friday, September 15, 2017

Review: The First Time She Drowned

The First Time She Drowned The First Time She Drowned by Kerry Kletter
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Cassie is anxiously waiting for her 18th birthday, because her life can start over again. After being committed into the psych ward by her mother, even though she's not crazy, Cassie gets to release herself from the crazy place when she legally becomes an adult, no matter what anyone says.

And her mother even got her into college, so she will start classes and start fresh.

Except Cassie is having a hard time figuring out who she is. She's been having a lot of flashbacks about her past, her growing up and her family life. Cassie doesn't have the best relationship with her parents or her older brother. In fact, those three are the ones who tied her up with rope and delivered her to the psych ward.

But Cassie wants to be loved, and who's supposed to love her more than her family, right?

The more memories Cassie had, though, the more she has to figure out how to love again. Because with a new boy at school who is showing her attention and a new friend she is now rooming with, Cassie is realizing that she may be damaged beyond repair to have a new life.

There is only so much one person can go through before completely losing everything they love the most.

This book. This is an intense book. So much more intense than I could even imagine based on the title, cover and description. If it wasn't for my bookclub, I'm not sure if I would have finished it because there were a lot of things in this book that causes triggers, and one was very close to my "not reading" rule.

I feel so much for Cassie. She has a crappy life growing up as a child. Everyone was ignoring her, treating her like she did everything wrong, and they were so man to her. And all Cassie wanted was love. For a little girl to grow up without love is just heartbreaking and so sad. That is all little kids want, and for Cassie to see everyone loving everyone else except her is just terrible.

And then for her family, the people she is supposed to trust the most in her life, to tie her up and drag her to the psych ward like she is nothing but a crazy person? Just terrible.

I loved seeing Cassie in college living her life, but it wasn't really Cassie. She was only doing certain things because the people around her expected her to do it, or they really wanted her to do something and Cassie just gave in. She wasn't living life for herself, but for the people around her.

I love Liz, though. She is so compassionate and caring and Cassie had no idea what to do around her. She was so shocked by everything Liz said and did and I don't blame Cassie for her hesitation after seeing how everyone else in her life has treated her.

The ending had so many good feels and so many possibilities that could happen, so I am glad that I finished the book. But it will probably never be a book that I re-read because it is just too depressing for 75% of the book.

I'll be interested to see what the rest of my bookclub group thinks about this book!

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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Review: Until It Fades

Until It Fades Until It Fades by K.A. Tucker
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Catherine has had a very rough life so far - and she's only 24! After having an affair with her art teacher when she was 17 and being forced to report it to the police after her mother found out, she has been an outcast and has been treated really terribly by her small little town. It doesn't help that the teacher was loved by all and his entire family owns basically the entire town or is in charge of something very important.

So Cath is furious with her mother for making her report it, and decides to move out when she is 18 to take care of herself and to never have to listen to her mother again.

The only bad part is that she needed a job, but no one would hire her. When she was at an interview at a small diner, Cath got sick and found out that she was pregnant. Not the best interview.

But 6 years later, Cath is now taking care of herself, her little girl Brenna, is living in a little house on her own, and she is kind of getting along with her parents. For the most part. And while Cath isn't living the rich life, she is managing to make enough money to live a happy-ish life.

When she is leaving a terrible blind date, Cath comes across a sports car that got into a terrible accident. She gets out of the car to check on the passengers. The driver didn't make it, but the guy in the passenger seat is still alive. Cath is able to get him out, though how no one knows because he is unconscious, over 6 feet tall (to her 5' 4"), and his foot is stuck in the crushed car.

What Cath didn't realize when saving this man is that she saved a very famous, well loved hockey player named Brett. And since Cath has a very sketchy past that she wishes everyone will forget, being in the spotlight as Brett's hero is going to be nothing but trouble. Especially since she doesn't want her 5 year old girl to know about her bad teenage years.

But Brett is now always around. At first, Cath thought it was because he wanted to help her like she helped him, but she soon finds out that they may have a connection between the two of them. She certainly feels something for him, but it's too much of a fairy tale story to be true.

Liking and being with Brett has consequences, though, because he such a popular, famous person, who also has a movie star mother. Cath is going to have to make a decision soon if she wants to be with him, and how many of her deep, dark secrets are going to be released into the media.

I love K.A. Tucker, so when I saw this book on the shelf at the library, I knew I had to check it out and read it! And I'm glad I did, because I really liked it! It was a slow going story, but with enough suspense to keep me engaged in the story to find out all of the little secrets that are revealed throughout the novel.

Cath is a stubborn girl who definitely sticks with what she believes in no matter what anyone else says. She can handle the criticism and she has an extremely tough outer shell to ward off all of the evil things the people in her town say about her.

And she has made such a good life for her. It may not have been what she wanted overall, but she has the complete love and adoration of her little girl, and she has even made enough amends with her mother to involve the rest of her family in her life.

She is also so selfless saving Brett out of that car, especially when the fire started. I don't think I would have been brave enough to get close enough to find out of anyone was alive in there. And to have it destroy her car - that is just devastating.

The relationship between Brett and Cath was adorable. You could tell that Brett was so into her, and Cath was oblivious to everything around her. She thought it was gratitude that she saved her life, but she was the only one who thought that. Everyone else knew what was happening right in front of their eyes.

I hate that the town shunned Cath when she was a teenager. Yes, she had a crush on her teacher and yes, they had an affair. But the person who should have been punished and shunned was the teacher, since he was the adult and knew not to get involved with a student. To blame the student, to blame Cath, was just a terrible thing to do and that whole town should be ashamed of themselves. And to find out that the teacher has perhaps done it again and again? Just awful.

Brett is an amazing guy who has some inner demons and some tough choices to make about his career and life. But I did love the way he gave Cath time to figure out what she wanted, rather than forcing her to make a decision or taking away her choices. He was so gentle with her in that regard. Also, seeing him with Brenna was just too adorable. He's a natural :)

I really enjoyed this book and am so glad that I found it and read it! K.A. Tucker is great and she wrote an amazing story full of second chances and a new beginning :)

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Monday, September 11, 2017

Review: Blocked

Blocked Blocked by L.P. Dover
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received this free eARC novel from the author and Red Coat PR in exchange for my honest review.

Dallas is a hot shot goalie for the hottest hockey team in the U.S. In fact, they are well on their way to getting the Stanley Cup because their team is just that good. And Dallas knows it, which is why he is a cocky son of a gun. And to top it off, he just got signed on for a reality TV show - basically a bachelor show where he is going to be with 10 women and end up with one in the end. This is going to be the starting point of his acting career for when he is done with hockey.

So things are going pretty good for Dallas. Though when he gets in a fight and has to practice more, he is playing unfairly against his teammate Justin and his brothers. When one particular guy keeps getting the puck past him into the net - and not in the clean playing kind of way - Dallas gets fed up and is about to beat him up.

But then Dallas realizes it isn't Justin's brother he's about to beat up - it's his sister Callie. And Callie is ridiculously gorgeous.

Now Dallas is determined to apologize and get on the good side of not only Callie but also her family, because Callie may be different than all of the other girl's he's been with.

Callie knows Dallas's type and she's not impressed with him. But because he's willing to do whatever it takes to prove that he should be with her, Callie tests him with ridiculous things, sure that he will back out because of embarrassment. Instead, Callie sees a whole new person when he accomplishes her takes with flying colors.

Now Callie needs to decide if it is worth being with Dallas and the side effects she is going to face being with a playboy like Dallas.

This was a great novel!

I really enjoyed the whole story and the sport aspect, the nursing aspect, and the playboy falling for the teammate's sister aspect. Everything rolled around nicely together and it made for a great novel that I devoured in less than a day :)

Callie is one tough cookie and definitely knows how to take care of herself, even though she has brothers who want to beat people up for her. But she usually knows how to defuse the situation so no one goes to jail!

Dallas is such a playboy at first, but the second he sees Callie, he's done for. He doesn't even look twice at another woman because he is so focused on getting Callie as his and he has to work for it. He works really hard to get one shot with Callie.

I loved that there were multiple scenes of hockey, since that is one of the main focuses of this novel. Sometimes when the characters are sports players, the author tends to forget to include that into the novel and it's a bit fake. But L. P. Dover didn't forget that and made it a big part of this novel, which I loved so much.

I may go back and read the first book in the series, but I do know that I want to read the next book because OMG that is going to be a great story!!

I'm so glad that I got this book! Thank you for the eARC!

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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Review: Jasper

Jasper Jasper by Amy Miles
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I received this free eARC novel from the author and Red Coat PR in exchange for my honest review.

Aspen is all alone in the world. She is an orphan - no siblings, and now no parents after sickness has taken them both away. Now she lives in London, working and living with her roommate, Callie - the only friend Aspen really has anymore. Actually, Callie is more like a sister now.

Aspen works as a service girl, but she is not the girl to take on dates and expect something extra by the end of the night. She goes out with her clients, and goes back to her apartment. It's a job and Aspen makes sure that everyone understands that.

When she goes on a date with J.T., Aspen doesn't realize what she is getting herself into. In fact, that night changes everything for her. Because J.T. is really Jasper, and Jasper is a ridiculously handsome guy who is the only one that Aspen has even thought about going home with.

And because of that, Aspen knows she needs to stay away from Jasper, because he is nothing but trouble. In fact, Jasper even says that he is not the one for her, and she has seen that he has very deep, dark secrets.

When girls go missing from Aspen's job, everyone is on high alert - even Jasper. He is insistent that she stop working ad to let him take care of her.

But Aspen doesn't understand everything that is going on. She is a snooper and is trying to figure out all of the missing pieces, but nothing in her wildest dreams would have prepared her for what is about to happen in her life.

This was an interesting book. A different book. Not what I was expecting and certain things happened that I didn't really like overall, sad to say. It's not your typical New Adult novel, which would be good or bad depending on what you are looking for.

I enjoyed this book in the beginning and was really liking the story, but toward the middle and end, there felt like there were huge gaps missing and I was getting lost in the shuffle with the missing information. I started feeling disconnected from the characters and it became more of a story being told to me rather than a story that I was a part of.

Aspen is a smart girl and she is her own self. She doesn't let anyone boss her around, and she is always wanting to find information for mysteries. She talked about Nancy Drew a lot, which always made me smile and Aspen wanted to be the London's version of Nancy Drew, haha.

We have a few chapters where it's Jasper's point of view, but none of them made too much sense overall. Now that I finished the book, I understand what was going on, but during those chapters you don't really get a good insight of Jasper, and that was what I was looking for.

Overall, I enjoyed this book. Like I said, it was different. I despised one particular scene which kind of made this book a downhill spiral for me, but if I were to take that out of the equation, I would say it was a good book. I may or may not seek out the second book when it is published - just depends on how I feel about it when the time comes and if I want to see what happens with Jasper and Aspen.

I am very glad I got this as an eBook and I think New Adult/Adult genre fans will enjoy this new, dark, and mysterious novel!

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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Review: Othersphere

Othersphere Othersphere by Nina Berry
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

After a disastrous meeting with Ximon and one of their own died, while another student left, Dez is kind of a mess. She used to be the fearless leader who knew all of the answers, but now she is doubting even the littlest things.

When her birth parents keep crossing over to Earth by possessing humans around Dez, Dez realizes that she has to meet them and see who her birth parents really are. But she also needs to see her home, the place she was born, to finally realize what she wants in life.

But to do that is very dangerous, and she isn't going to be alone because her birth father kidnapped a student to lure Dez there. Now, Dez needs to get that leadership role back in place and make sure that she won't lose anyone else that she loves during this last and final battle of the otherworlds.

I admit, this series fell flat for me. I can't tell you why, but it just did. I think all of the characters got on my nerves a lot and they just didn't redeem themselves. I know they are teenagers and are prone to be bi-polar, but I despise people like that. That's probably why I didn't have too many friends in high school...

But not only did Dez and Caleb, who I had issues with in the second novel, do that, but also the side characters. They were so easy to blame everyone around them and they switched sides way too easily for me to be comfortable to call them friends. They are all just really flakey.

The thing with Dez and Lazar blew my mind at the very beginning. I didn't think Dez was that stupid, and honestly, how it ended with the love triangle? I wish that two of them ended up alone and miserable and the third one found a great person to be with and rubbed it in the other two's faces.

But that's just how I feel...

The story ended exactly I how knew it would and honestly, nothing really popped out as amazing during this book, which is such a shame. I was really hoping for a great story to keep with me.

That's what I get for getting swayed by the amazing covers of the beautiful red-head. But I will still keep judging books by their covers and I will have to feel this letdown of what could have been.

I am glad that I read them, but I'm very glad I didn't buy them. I think other readers will enjoy them more than I did, though, and will recommend them to any reader who likes supernatural and shifter books :)

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Review: Othermoon

Othermoon Othermoon by Nina Berry
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Dez is struggling to keep everything normal in her crazy life. But when her mom gets possessed by a spirit in the Otherworld, Dez realizes that nothing will be normal again.

The only way to stop things from escalating out of control is to try and stop Ximon from destroying Dez's new life.

But because the other kids in her band of merry friends are not so keen on trusting Lazar, who truth be told was on the other side of the team not too long ago, Dez has to decide on who to trust and who to keep in the loop.

Because Dez wants to stop Ximon for good, and the only way to get inside their new compound is to trust Lazar. And by trusting him, Dez could be risking all of her friends' lives, and risk losing them all for good.

Sadly, Dez has been put in this situation, and she must make a decision fast, before time runs out.

So...this series...I like it. I do. I love shifter books. But for some reason, there is something missing for me... I'm reading all three books, don't get me wrong, but I dunno. Maybe I'm not connecting that much with the characters or the book just doesn't have enough to keep me going, but this book was a bit of a struggle to get through for me.

Dez is a leader, but she wasn't like that when we first met her, so it's a bit unrealistic for me that she would become the leader after she shifted when she was a shy, awkward teenage girl in high school. Plus, she's a little bit bossy. Granted, everyone looks to her to get directions on what to do when they are in a middle of a battle, but she takes this new role way too seriously, to be honest.

And I know I was a bit against team Dez and Caleb, but after this book I think I like Caleb so much more. He was justified in everything that he said and why he felt the way he did, and Dez had no excuses to give for it. She treated him very badly, and now I want Caleb to have his own book and find a girl that is worthy of him.

I'm hoping things get better in the 3rd book, and that things get to my liking again. But, then again, having it go the other way would be okay too. I'm going to read it no matter what, so we shall see what happens!

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Monday, September 4, 2017

Review: Otherkin

Otherkin Otherkin by Nina Berry
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Dez is a normal girl who is very shy and is somewhat embarrassed... because she wears a back brace and has worn it for the last 3 years. No one but her parents and best friend Ivy knows about it. But when a boy asks her to prom and tries to show her how to dance, only to accidentally touch her back brace, Dez goes home and begins to panic. Now someone knows about her brace and she will be made fun ot.

The more and more Dez thinks about this, the angrier she gets. Until she gets so angry that she turns into a tiger.

A bit extreme, right?

Dez has no idea that she is a shifter, and can shift from human to a tiger. She was adopted when she was a baby and has no information about her birth parents.

When she wakes up in a cage next to another boy in a different cage, Dez starts to get some answers about a world she never knew existed. But a world that she is thrust into the middle of it since a group of people want to kill all of the shifters.

Now Dez has to leave the only life she has ever known and learn how to be a shifter with a bunch of strangers. The more she is around the different animal shifters (bear, wolf, rat, eagle) the more she learns about the life she could have had if she had lived with her birth parents.

But the group who kidnapped her when she first shifted is still out there, and they are hunting her down. Dez needs to figure out how to control her tiger before it is too late.

I adore books about shifting into an animal. I'm not sure why, just the idea that I would be able to shift into another form and be a ferocious animal if I needed to just sounds awesome!! So when I saw all three of these books were available at the library, I had to check them out and see what it was all about.

And I really enjoyed this story. There was a lot of background story that had to be told, so it was a bit boring during those times, but for the most part I really loved the storyline and how all of the characters were so suspicious during the entire novel - which I don't blame them. And I loved the action scenes where everyone was transforming from human to animal and fighting their way to freedom.

Dez took being a tiger very well, I must admit. Even though I said I would love to change into an animal, it would definitely freak me out. But after the initial reaction, Dez was pretty chill about the whole thing, all things considered.

The romance between her and Caleb was too forced in my opinion. Plus I really hated Caleb when he was keeping all of those secrets and that made him less attractive to me. I'm hoping in the second book their might be another live interest to make Caleb realize how great Dez is and to have him fight for her, because he was definitely wishy washy with his feelings for my liking.

I love all of the other shifters - November is a chatty little rat, but very loyal. London is very serious, but she is a wolf so I can see that. Siku has such a great personality since he is a giant bear and I love the thing between him and November. And Arnaldo is a sneaky little eagle, who I will definitely be keeping my eye on.

So far I'm really liking this book and I hope more good things happen in the next book!

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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Review: Love, Life, and the List

Love, Life, and the List Love, Life, and the List by Kasie West
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received this free eARC novel from Edelweiss and HarperTeen Publishing in exchange for my honest review.

Abby is an aspiring artist, and loves to paint. It is her true passion and what she wants to do for a career. Right now, during the summer before senior year, she is working at the museum being surrounded by art every day and she is also hoping to be one of the artists featured in the yearly art gallery where all proceeds go to a charity.

The only problem is that she does not meet the age ONE year!! But she decides to try since she works for Mr. Wallace and has an "in" now.

Except Mr. Wallace said Abby has no heart in her art. They are mere copies of standard pictures. He said that Abby needs to experience and grow in her artwork before she will be considered a true artist and be seriously considered in the art world.

Which broke Abby's heart because art is her life. If she's not good at it, then what's the point? But Abby's not going to give up. In fact, she's decided to make 5 entirely new paintings before the exhibit and try again, and this time, she is going to challenge herself to do 11 things on a list to live life and change her painting style.

And who better to do that with than her best friend Cooper. Who she might have a crush on. But after a failed attempt of telling Cooper her true feelings a year ago, Abby is working hard to keep her best friend instead of losing him because she has stronger feels than he does for her.

So together, they go through the list of things for Abby to try and experience and see if it will make her paintings have more heart.

But trying new things and going out of comfort zone makes Abby realize a lot of things. And most of them are not the great news category. In fact, this whole summer has opened her eyes and has made Abby realize that she needs to do the things that make her happy, otherwise is she really living?

I adore Kasie West's books and have read all of them that have been published so far, so I was so excited to get this next installment! And I loved it just as much as her previous books!!

I felt so much for Abby. First she gets rejected by her best friend who she has been in love with for a very long time. Then she gets told that her art is not that great and she has a lot to learn. For being 17, that is a lot of rejection to have already!

But Abby doesn't let that stop her. In fact, she takes all of that rejection, and she decides to fix it, rather than let people put her down with their negativity. Abby channels all of that criticism and decides to better herself and grow as a person to achieve her life long goals. And that is something to admire so much, because many people in the world do not respond in that way.

I also loved how she had to make really tough decisions, not only about Cooper and her feelings toward him, but also with her mother. After taking baby steps around her mom and trying to help her get better, Abby just exploded at her when her sickness made her miss a really big night of Abby's life. And instead of treating her mother like the glass doll everyone has been doing lately, she decided enough is enough and gave her some tough love. I loved every minute of it.

I'm really glad that Abby decided to try to make new friends over the summer. It's nice to have a close knitted group of friends, but it's also great to get out there and make more. It doesn't mean that she has replaced any of her friends, but that she is learning to go out there, meet more people, and have fun.

Abby had a really crappy summer, but it was so full of new experiences that she will take with her for the rest of her life. It made her grow into the person that she will one day become, and it made her realize that life is not always fair, but we will get through the tough times so we can enjoy the amazing times after the struggle.

This is a great novel, and I think that it will appeal to so many readers out there! I'm so happy that I got an eARC and I cannot wait for the next book by Kasie West :)

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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Review: Wolves and Roses

Wolves and Roses Wolves and Roses by Christina Bauer
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received this free eARC novel from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

Bryar Rose is supposed to live the life of Sleeping Beauty - you know? Cursed to sleep until Prince Charming shows up and saves the day? Instead, Bry is a failed fairy tale. She takes medicine to fight off the sleep curse that she has, and her three godmothers already have her prince lined up: Philpot.

Except Bryar doesn't want to be Sleeping Beauty. She definitely does not want to be with Philpot either. What Bryar really wants is to be a normal human. Not too much to ask for, right? And hopefully, when Bryar turns 18 in three days, she will get just that, because the sleeping curse should be lifted when she turns 18. And then she can ditch Philpot and go to a normal high school and have a normal job.

This is what Bryar looks forward to the most. Oh, and sneaking into a jewel shop with her best friend Elle - you know Elle? Cinderella? Yeah, Elle steals the jewels to return to the rightful owners, and Bryar takes photos of an ancient Egyptian scroll that the company upstairs gets shipped. Because Bryar has been dreaming about this scroll, and she is determined to crack it and find out what it says.

Then Bryar meets the man in her dreams - bad boy Knox - along with the owner of the company Alec. Well...she meets them when she got into the office with the papyri illegally...

Turns out that they want her help to figure out what it says. And Alec is even willing to pay her for it, being the big bad wizard that he is. Knox is a little harder to figure out, especially when he seems not to want Bryar's help. But the werewolf can't seem to stop following her around and bossing her around.

All Bryar had to do was keep on the lowdown until her 18th birthday, but Bryar's never been good at that. And when it seems that there are a lot of people going after her for numerous reasons, Bryar realizes that she hasn't been told just exactly who she is and how important she is for a lot of people.

But she's going to figure it out real soon, and she's going to have a lot of important decisions to make before it may be too late.

I have never read any of Christina Bauer's novels before, so I was very excited to start with a new series and get a feel for her work. And I loved it! I loved the original storyline with very familiar fairy tale stories and how these characters are definitely not like the original ones they are supposed to be living.

Plus, this takes place in today's time, so they are in a major city instead of a palace or tower in the middle of the woods. It definitely added flavor to the novel overall!

Bryar is awesome. She is super smart and pretty funny actually. She knows her "duty" but hates it and wants something better for herself rather than living the life her godmothers want her to live. Plus, who would want to be shacked up with a guy named Philpot for the rest of your life if you don't even like the guy? Definitely not me.

Also, Bryar is a computer geek and she loves finding the mystery of the Egyptian papyri message. What more could you ask for in a girl? Then to top it off, she knows self defense and how to fight her way out of a sticky situation. It's no wonder Knox is infatuated with her :)

There was so much mystery and secrets involved in this book that the reader definitely isn't bored at all. There's no time! Plus there is so much action and adventure crammed into this book that I felt like I was on the go all of the time.

There were a few moments when I got confused with this new world full of werewolves, wizards and fairy's, but for the most part I was definitely along for the ride and enjoying every minute.

And can I just say that the scenes with Knox were amazing?!? I am seriously hooked on this guy and will definitely be picking up the next book to see what happens! I just wish it wasn't so far away from now to get my hands on #2, because I really want to read it now! Always the curse to getting ARC's, I suppose haha.

I am so glad that I got this eARC and if this is anything like Bauer's other novels, I can tell that her fans will definitely enjoy this one as well, along with new readers like me! :)

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Review: Uprooted

Uprooted Uprooted by Naomi Novik
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Agnieszka is from a small town that is 7 miles from the Wood - full of walkers and beasts who every once in awhile take children or adults who get too close to the edge of the Wood. But Agnieszka still loves the life of her village. She loves her family and her friends and the life she has.

But the time has come for the Dragon, the wizard, to collect the next girl who will live with him for 10 years. No one knows what happens. Just that when the 10 years are up, the girls are released and they move on in society. They seem to be almost too good for their little village now, and take their hefty dowry they receive and move on from their life before.

The Dragon only picks one girl who is of age 16-17 every 10 years. It just so happens that Agnieszka falls in that group. But so does her best friend Kasia, and everyone knows that Kasia is going to be picked. She is the most beautiful, the most poised, and her mother has been training her on how to survive the next 10 years in the town with the wizard. Kasia is ready when the Dragon comes, and is excited to leave the village to journey on her next adventure.

So when the Dragon is there and going through all of the right aged girls, it seems like a sure bet he is going to pick her. Except he doesn't. The Dragon picks Agnieszka, even though it seems like he doesn't want to. No one was ready for this, and Agnieszka doesn't even get to say goodbye to everyone she loves. The Dragon just whisks her away quickly, and with his magic they are in the tower within seconds.

Agnieszka doesn't know what to do. She doesn't know how to mend, how to cook, how to clean. She wasn't trained for this because they all thought that Kasia was going to be picked. So now she is blundering her way through things.

But she comes to find out that she was picked because she has magic inside of her, and as by law, the Dragon must train her to use this ability. Agnieszka thinks he's losing it, because she couldn't possibly have any magic. But the more she trains with him, the more she realizes that he may be right. But it is not the same kind of magic that the Dragon does, which makes training very hard and frustrating.

Before they can get too far in the training, there are riots and commotions of dangerous, rare monsters attacking the small villages next to the Wood. When the Dragon is out to fix this, another issue happens in Agnieszka's village, and she rushes to save them with the little magic she has been trained.

After confronting the Wood and finding out dark and dangerous things about the Wood, Agnieszka realizes that she has started an all out war between the kingdom and the Wood. And now there might not be any survivors after everything is said and done.

But Agnieszka is determined to win. Otherwise, everyone she loves and knows will be destroyed by the ancient evil that lives in the Wood, and the deep retribution they are in to condemn everyone around them.

Most wizards and witches don't get deep in their magic until at least 7 years of training, but Agnieszka is going to have to try with just a few months worth of training, with the Dragon's help.

My co-worker read this and loved it, so I wanted to read it and see what it was all about. And I'm glad I did because it was a really good book! I loved the world that Naomi Novik created and how twisted it became the more and more you read on.

Agnieszka is my favorite character. She is such a mess and is always getting dirty by one thing or another. And she doesn't give a hoot and a half. She knows she is messy, but she does what she wants and doesn't care if she messes up a dress. Or sure, she tries to keep it clean, but after 16 years she's come to expect nothing less.

So for her to start off as that kind of character who is shy and always in the background being invisible to the badass who marches into the kingdom yelling at the king to get what she needs done in order to protect the whole world from the Wood? Year, she's amazing. She doesn't even realize her power - she just wants to figure out the problem and help fix it before it is too late. And she doesn't let the wizards of hundreds of years intimidate her, but just tells them how it is and watch them while they figure out that she is right.

And she was such a brave girl for going with the Dragon when no one saw it coming. Sure, she was upset and scared, but she didn't let that stop her from what was expected of her and to find out what she had to do for the next 10 years.

But she is a wicked witch and I loved the scenes where she is pushing herself to the max to save the people around her in the Wood. There is so much power in her and she doesn't even know the half of it.

This is a very action packed novel and I was never bored through any of it. Sometimes I thought that there was a bit much and that the characters needed to rest, but Novik kept pushing them on and on to the point where I thought they would keep over with exhaustion. But that just shows how strong these characters are inside and outside.

There is so much that happens in this novel and i was very pleased with how everything ended. I'm glad that I ended up checking this book out after my co-worker talked about it, and now I have someone I can talk details with about it! :D

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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Review: Words in Deep Blue

Words in Deep Blue Words in Deep Blue by Cath Crowley
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Rachel has been through a terrible last year. Her younger brother, Cal, drowned in the ocean. Cal, who was always swimming that you thought he should have been a fish. Cal, the sweet innocent little brother that Rachel loved so much.

And now Rachel is just a shell of herself. The girl who used to have a crush on her best friend, Henry, is no longer around. Instead, Rachel is going to stay with her aunt back in her hometown and work at the bookstore where Henry lives - because what else is Rachel going to do. She's not living anymore, she's only there to do her work and then go to bed.

Henry has no idea why Rachel never said goodbye 3 years ago when she left town to go live with her mother at the beach house. And he has no idea why she hasn't talked to him in 3 years. So when he hears that she is coming back to town, he's pretty "whatever" about it. Actually, he's heartbroken, but that's only because his girlfriend, Amy, broke up with him and started dating the town douche Greg. That's a blow to Henry's ego...

But Henry really isn't "whatever" about Rachel coming back. He wants to know what happened and why she is a completely different person now. This Rachel is not like the girl he knew for 10 years, and all he wants to do now is make her smile.

The longer Rachel and Henry are together, the more memories come back and remind them of their friendship. And Rachel is determined not to fall in love with Henry again since he is still hung up about Amy. But things happen out of the blue that no one can control, and there are a lot of secrets kept hidden with these two. The summer just became a lot more interesting, but will both Henry and Rachel survive the summer with their hearts intact?

I was so intrigued by this book's synopsis and was super excited to get it from the library. But it was kind of a downer for me... I tried so, so, so hard to like this book, but I was bored through most of it. I really don't like Henry or Rachel (which makes me a terrible person because Rachel just lost her brother and she has a reason to be the way that she is). Both characters are so self-centered and they are in a cross road of their lives where they don't really have a sense of purpose for them to thrive off of.

Henry is downright stupid for pining over Amy. Seriously, when the girl broke up with you before a huge trip to date the town douche, that should have said something loud and clear that she was just hooking up with whomever she wanted to. Obviously she didn't love Henry that much, but he was so torn up over her being with Greg and always obsessing over it. Just get over it Henry!!

And I completely understand Rachel. She is grieving and has no reason to live after what she witnessed and has been through. But after awhile when you are surrounding yourself with friends and family, there has to be a point where the will to live comes back. Because if Rachel didn't want to get better, she could have stayed with her mom on the beach and wasted her life away.

There was not a lot happening in this book and I was just waiting around for the moment when everything clicked and things where moving right along.

But I guess that is the point of this book. This is life. THIS is real. Because there are a lot of these little moments that we as human beings have and Cath Crowley decided to write about those dull moments to make it even more real. For me, though, I don't want to be reminded about heartache and sadness. I read to have happy endings and a great storyline full of heart and passion and adventure.

So this wasn't the book for me, but it was beautifully written and I am glad that I read it, even if it wasn't what I was wanting in the end. I think that a lot of readers will really enjoy this poetic novel about second chances and learning to love and live again.

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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Review: The Library of Fates

The Library of Fates The Library of Fates by Aditi Khorana
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Amrita has always wanted to venture into other lands and explore the world, but her father has kept her safe in the palace to protect her. But all of his protecting results in Princess Amrita to be wed to an old friend of her fathers - in fact, her father's roommate from college.

Because Sikander is now the ruler of all towns by either war, corruption, or death. And to save her people, Amrita is going to marry him and have an alliance with such a powerful, greedy man who wants to rule the world.

But when push comes to shove, Sikander decides he is going to marry Amrita, but is also going to overthrow her city - so there will be no alliance of the two cities.

Because of Sikander's decision, Amrita is forced to leave the only home she has, and everyone she knows and loves is either dead or captured and forced to do Sikanders bidding. Now, with the help of a seer, Thala, Amrita needs a new plan to figure out how to save her people.

Amrita's life, though, is about to change the second she finds out some very buried secrets about herself. And about her mother - the woman she has never met.

The more Amrita explores the world, the more she starts to believe that all things are meant to be. Even if it means she will have to give up everything that she knows and loves.

Since the moment I saw this book in an email that it was a July book release, I knew I had to read it. I don't know if it was the synopsis or the title, but I just knew I needed to read this soon. Plus it helped that it was a standalone novel and I wouldn't have to wait for the next book, so I was very thankful about that because now I have read it and I so enjoyed it!

This is a very cultural YA book, which is not something that I typically read. Not because I don't like them. It's just not something I pick up too much. So I'm really glad that I decided to read this because it was such an amazing novel.

Amrita is a very brave girl. She went on this adventure with no knowledge of what was out there, and after witnessing so many terrible things when the palace got taken over by Sikander's men. So I have high respect for Amrita through this whole novel.

Because of certain hints throughout the book, I was able to figure out how the book was going to end. But even though I figured it out, I still enjoyed all of the missing pieces of the book when they were revealed.

This was such a great novel and I think there are going to be a ton of people who will really like it! I know I did! :)

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Review: Take the Key and Lock Her Up

Take the Key and Lock Her Up Take the Key and Lock Her Up by Ally Carter
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Grace just got a bombshell landed on her: she is the lost princess of Adria - one of the descendants of the stolen princess from 200 years ago. And now someone is out to kill her and her brother so they cannot get their throne back.

But the thing is...Grace doesn't want to be a princess. She just wants to live her life without having to make sure someone isn't trying to kill her every second!

And Grace has no idea who to trust. The most important people in her life are running away with her, but Grace knows that she can't keep running forever, and she has to go back and play the game that has been handed to her. Thankfully, she has a great group of friends who are conspiring a plan with her, but there are too many big forces against her that are trying to stop Grace from succeeding.

One thing is for sure: Grace is definitely not crazy anymore, and she will do WHATEVER it takes to save the people she loves - even if it means giving up her own happily ever after life that she has been fighting for all summer long.

This is such a GREAT series!! I loved everything about it! The mystery, the suspense, the back story, the characters - it's just so wonderful :)

Grace is not your typical girl who is saving the world. In fact, she could be downright annoying to some people. I don't think she is annoying because I feel so much for her and I would just as annoying, if not more, if I was in her shows. Because one teenage girl should not have to go through all of that and she is diving right in because she has to in order to survive.

I love Alexei. I've loved him since the moment he was introduced in the first book, and I was always waiting anxiously whenever he would pop back in.

Rosie is my all time favorite I think. She is a 13 year old girl who moves like a ninja and is a sneaky little thing who can track a person like it's no big deal.

Megan terrifies me. I never want to be on her bad side because what that girl can do with a computer is just insane. Grace is lucky to have her as a friend.

And Noah. He is goofy and funny and is always trying to make everyone laugh. But he is so serious and dedicated to the ones in his life, that you know you will have a loyal friend forever with him.

The whole story was perfect. The ending was perfect. Grace is a great character and she deserves all that she gets in the novel and afterward. I'm so glad that I got to read this series and, as always, look forward to more by Ally Carter :)

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Review: See How They Run

See How They Run See How They Run by Ally Carter
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Grace finally figured out what happened the night her mother died. And now Grace wishes that she never dug for answers in the first place. Because what really happened is tearing Grace apart and she doesn't know if she will ever be better or not.

And now, terrible things are happening at Adria. Grace's brother, Jamie, and his friend Spence came to visit for a brief time - but really it's because Jamie is worried about Grace and his friend wanted to come to his homeland on a wild goose chase.

Except now, Spence is dead. He was murdered after a party that all of the teenagers were at, and everyone is marking Alexei as the murderer because of the fight they had. Grace knows that Alexei wouldn't do that, but she doesn't have the proof she needs to clear his name.

Now, along with Noah, Megan and Rosie's help, she is trying to save Alexei and figure out who really killed Spence.

But as Grace has figured out so far during her time at Adria, the more that Grace digs for answers, the more ancient secrets are revealed and almost all of it is bad news on top of bad news. And Grace needs to figure out how to fix all of it, before everyone in her life disappears forever.

Wow! Just wow! I am seriously loving this series so far! Ally Carter is doing an amazing job of keeping me in suspense and on my toes with all of the mystery that ties Adria together.

And I feel so much for Grace. She is a mess and I don't blame her for being one after everything she has found out. I wish for her to go to a private island where she has everything she needs and she can just live the rest of her life in peace.

Sadly, I don't think that is going to happen. Especially after that ending!!

So many secrets - not enough brain capacity to comprehend it all.

I am so glad I decided to read this series, and I am SO GLAD I decided to read it when all of the books are published and in my hands! Because these cliffhanger endings would have killed me!

So far I am loving this series and I think that other readers would enjoy it immensely as well! :)

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