Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Embers and Echoes by Karsten Knight

This is the second novel in the Wildefire series by Karsten Knight.

My review of #1: Wildefire.

Note - This review will have spoilers of the first novel, so be forewarned before you continue reading!

After everything that happened at school, Ashline was excited to get on the road with Colt and enjoy some down time with him. Nice, normal everyday activities that didn't involve resurrected Gods and Goddesses.

Yeah, so not what happened.

Instead, she finds out that Colt isn't human. He's actually Kokopelli, the Hopi Trickster reincarnated. Colt thinks that Ashline will be excited so now she doesn't have feel like the only reincarnated Goddess around, but instead, she takes it personally that he lied to her and made her believe that he was going to die a few times.

When in fact he can't die at all.

So she leaves in stranded in the Northwest and heads out to find her youngest sister, Rose. Who happens to be the Goddess of War and can make portals to other dimensions, specifically the Netherworld.

Ashline has another vision about Rose and finds out that she's going to Miami with other reincarnated Gods, so Ash makes Miami her next destination.

Once she gets there, she just happens to stumble upon another reincarnated God: Wes, otherwise known as the Atzec God of the night. With his help, along with another goddess, Ashline slowly makes her way to finding her youngest sister.

With the exception of fighting through a band of reincarnated gods known as the Four Seasons. Four Gods who have the ability to change the weather either mimicking winter, spring, summer and fall.

And want to keep Ashline as far away from her sister as possible.

Now Ashline has a lot more on her plate than saving Rose and seeing if she could get Eve out of the hell she sent her to. And she's also having flashbacks from her previous life, ironically with Colt as her husband, and conflicting feelings she starting to get toward Wes.

Will Ashline be able to save her sister, Rose, from the horrors that the Four Seasons are cooking up? Can she figure out what to do with Colt and Wes? And what will she do when she learns about a certain attribute to the Wilde sisters? Read Embers and Echoes by Karsten Knight to find out!

My Thoughts/Reflections
Ahh!! I loved this book! It's over 450 pages long and I finished it in one day. I couldn't put it down!

Even though it's been a little while since I read the first novel, I fell right back into Ashline's story and got lost in the ride that is otherwise known as her life.

Again, I adore Ashline. She is extremely tough, thinks of plans under pressure, and is extremely dedicated to her family and friends. She's always looking out for them and trying to keep them out of trouble, even if it means bad news for her.

I think Knight did an amazing job keeping the story entertaining, action packed, and had a steady flow of information coming toward the readers. Not once did I find myself bored or skipping a few pages to find a more action packed scene.

The only bad part about finishing this novel is that I have to wait a WHOLE YEAR for the next book. I'm not sure if I'm okay with that.

I think that readers should definitely read this series. And I just found out that these two books by Knight are his first novels! I never would have guessed that after reading them!

I will definitely be waiting with open arms for the third novel come Nov. 2013 to see what's in store for Ashline. Because we were left with a mighty big teaser at the end of this novel and I cannot wait to see how vengeful Ashline will be in the next novel!

Go pick these novels up and read them today! You'll definitely get a different idea of reincarnated Gods and Goddesses after reading Knight's novels!

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