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Review: Long Way Home

Long Way Home Long Way Home by Katie McGarry
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I am so glad I finally got my hands on this book! I completely fell in love with this series - especially with the tag line of "West Side Story meets Sons of Anarchy". I mean, who wouldn't love that?! (Okay, some people wouldn't love it, but I'm not one of those people!)

The first two novels of this series were amazing and this new novel did NOT disappoint by the end of it!

The way this novel started off was SO INTENSE!!! Having Violet and Chevy get kidnapped by the Riot Motorcycle Club and being abused was not how I saw this book starting, but it definitely but a different, darker setting to the book than the other two started off with. I mean, all of them were a bit dark because it is about a motorcycle club rivalry, so it is going to get dark and intense. But Violet started off for the first two chapters being this tough girl and then she went quiet. I missed her spitfire attitude, but it definitely showed how much that interaction affected her mentally.

I love, love, love Violet. She was raised by a motorcycle club with all sorts of badass guys and her daddy taught her to stand up for herself. So of course, she did just that, but she's been having a lot of issues taking orders from the club. I mean, she was raised not to take any orders, so I'm surprised that the group is trying to treat her like any of the other women in the group. She is strong willed and knows what she wants, no matter what anyone else thinks.

And Chevy is so conflicted about everything. About life: whether he should join the motorcycle club when he turns 18 or if he should continue to play football. If he should pick Violet over the club. Really, if he should pick the club is the main inner struggle he has throughout this whole novel. But Chevy is loyal to everyone and is always trying to figure out the right thing to do to make everyone happy.

I also really loved the ending to this book. It wrapped up every issue that the previous books had, and this one, into one swoop and wrapped up a lot of issues that were left unresolved - just a teeny tiny bit - from the other novels.

AND O.M.G. THE TIE-IN WITH PUSHING THE LIMITS SERIES!!!!! I admit, I didn't see that coming AT. ALL. But I love it so, so, so, so much!

This was seriously a great way to end a series and have all of the happy feels come at the end. Sometimes it is a bittersweet moment to finish a series, but I really think that this was the best ending I have ever read. I am absolutely happy with everything and not one thing is bugging me about this ending.

I honestly hope that Katie McGarry won't write another book in this series, and I don't say that EVER because I always want more. But I feel such a happiness inside of me after finishing this, that I would be scared to read another novel after this one with the risk of something being unresolved with the new continuation.

So, yes, I am going to make everyone I know read this series and hope that everyone loves it as much as I did :D

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