Friday, October 21, 2011

Radiant Shadows by Melissa Marr

The fourth book of this series, Radiant Shadows, delved deeper into the Faerie Courts, this time into the High Court and Dark Court following the two characters Devlin and Ani.

We met both of these characters throughout the first 3 novels, but now the reader finds out that Devlin knew about Ani before she was even born! This makes their history together very linked, so it was bound for them to become a part of one's lives throughout this story.

Ani is different. She's a Hound, part of the Dark Court where she feeds off of touching others. But she's also mortal, and a mortal/faerie in the Dark Court feeds off of emotions.

With the two types of feeds, she's a dangerous person to be around, especially when someone is touching her and allowing Ani to feel her emotions. She could drain their essence.

Devlin is the High Court Assassin. He does the High Queen's dirty work, showing no emotion and killing without a thought. He just follows Sorcha's orders - until Devlin was ordered to kill Ani many years ago, and didn't.

Now, Ani and Devlin are drawn together for many different reasons. Ani is different than any fey and Devlin was created in a way that made him different than other fey. When they travel together, trying to find a way to save the fey, secrets are let out and attractions are unvieled that neither character knew they wanted/needed before they met one another.

Melissa Marr did it again. She took two characters and made the fey land very real, explaining the process of each court to the reader to make the understand not just the Summer Court where she first started the Wicked Lovely series, but each Court associated with the fey. I can't wait to read the final installment of this series - which I'm going to start right ... now!

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