Monday, October 17, 2011

Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr

I've finally got my own copy of Wicked Lovely book series and am rereading them! This first book of the series is amazing - I love Aislinn. She's a strong character who seems timid at first when she cowers away from the fey that she has been able to see all of her life. However, I think that is very smart rather than cowardly because she was able to throw the faeries for a loop when they discovered that she has been able to see them her entire life.

Keenan's a character - a Summer King who is used to getting whatever and whoever he wants, but he meets resistance when he wants Aislinn. Throughout the novel the kind pouts a lot because he's not able to figure Ash out, but by the end of the book he realizes that this is a different century where females don't have to look dotting at him and he can start his reign of the Summer Court in a different style than the court has seen.

And Seth. I adore Seth - he's got that older, mysterious aura around him that makes anyone associated with him want to find answers to his secrets. I love that he waited for Ash to come to her senses about the two of them and I want to read more about Seth in the upcoming novels.

If you like faeries, a love triangle, or the paranormal, these books are definitely for you! And the best part? All of the books in the series are complete and ready for you to checkout/buy! So no waiting for the next installment - you can fly through all 5 novels as fast as you can read! Now... what are you waiting for? Go check out Wicked Lovely!

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