Saturday, October 22, 2011

Darkest Mercy by Melissa Marr

The ending of the Wicked Lovely series... So sad, endings are always gut wrenching as I never want a good storyline to end. However, Melissa Marr did an amazing job wrapping up each storyline throughout this series, which I think is AMAZING because there were so many characters that needed to be followed, mentioned, and find their ending to the Faerie world.

I'm not going to give too much away from Darkest Mercy, because... well it's the final book! Go read the first 4 and then you can enjoy this amazing ending!

So, at a glance, I'm going to mention the main - er, submain and even lower main - characters of this series to explain just how happy I was for their ending.

Aislinn - Seth - Keenan - Donia: These four have had it rough. Between the different courts they were associated with to who they loved to who they desired, it's enough to make 1 person go crazy - let alone FOUR! But Marr found the perfect (in this crazy messed up quatro) ending for all of the characters, making each one happy with the decisions made.

Niall - Irial - Leslie: While Leslie was barely in here, she was a main part of the ending for this particular trio. With this particular group, Marr lead the reader on a very gut wrenching journey, scaring many by the choices the character makes and maybe even making the readers very, very angry. In the end, though, each character was in a good place, able to keep their connections and find a ... balance ... between the three.

Ani - Devlin - Sorcha - Bananach: While Ani, Devlin, and Sorcha were not talked about throughout this novel, they are very key characters in this series. We got the happy ending for Ani and Devlin in Radiant Shadows (click here for my post on that book) and Sorcha was content at the beginning of this book for things happening in Faerie land. Bananach... well she wasn't very nice, being WAR and all, so she got the ending that she deserved.

Seeing all of the courts complete and whole, with a few additional surprises thrown in for good measure, made me appreciate Melissa Marr's writing abilities. She did a great job for the ending of an addicting series, so while I'm not thrilled that my Keenan, Seth, Devlin, Niall and Irial fix is finite/done/gone, I'm very pleased with the ending.

Oh, and also... If this review didn't convince you to go read the books... then I give up! I think everyone should give 'em a go, though :)

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