Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Feather of Stone by Cate Tiernan

This is the third novel in the Balefire series by Cate Tiernan.

My review of #1: A Chalice of Wind.
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After Daedalus, the leader of the new coven, forcefully summoned the last two members of the group, things started to get a little tense.

Daedalus wants to rejoin the group and do the ritual that made everyone immortal 250 years ago.

Someone is still out there trying to kill Thais and Clio - for what reason is anyone's guess, but the girls are on the lookout and doing multiple spells to find out who the wanna-be-killer is.

The love interest between Kevin-Thais-Luc-Clio-Richard is becoming more and more intense, and confusing, for the two girls. They can't figure out what they are feeling or if they are feeling things that are completely wrong.

The other members of the coven (Petra, Sophi, Manon, Ouida, Marcel, Jules, Axelle, Claire, Daedalus, Luc, Richard) all have their own agenda for this reunion ritual - and all are keeping their secrets closely guarded against everyone else in the circle.

But last time they did this ritual, someone was killed. Is this ritual too risky? Will another person have to die in order to complete the ritual? And if so, who will be the unlucky person that will die this time? Read A Feather of Stone by Cate Tiernan to find out!

My Thoughts/Reflections
This might be the "dud" book in the series. I found myself wanting more action - there was less than the previous two.

However, back stories were answered about the other 11 original members of the coven throughout this novel, giving the reader more insight on what happened 250 years ago when they first got together.

The reader also finds out who was trying to kill the twins, even though there is more to the answer than one culprit.

It felt like there wasn't much to this novel in the series, not enough to talk about in a review anyway. I did enjoy it, but I think I'll like the next, and last novel a lot more as it is the end and will give me all of the answers (or so I hope!).

I am intrigued to see how this love pentagon works out. I have my favorites with who should be with the other, but we'll see if I'm getting the right vibes that Tiernan is sending out through her writing and matchmaking!

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