Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Secrets and Shadows by Shannon Delany

This is the second novel in 13 to Life series by Shannon Delany.

My review of #1: 13 to Life.

Now that Jess knows the Rusakova's secret, she thought she would be even closer to Pietr than before.

Boy did she think wrong. Instead of getting closer, Pietr is pushing her away. He is staying with Sarah instead of leaving her, like they planned, and Jess is really confused as to what went wrong between the two of them.

Without Pietr around, Jess is finding herself around Derek a lot. Maybe it's to make Pietr jealous, or maybe because he makes Jess feel wanted, but there are times when she can't remember the time spent with Derek. Like blank spots in her memory.

But when Jess woke up at Derek's house not knowing what happened, she called Max (Pietr's brother) and he came to get her. That was when Jess realized Derek was not who he seemed he was and she was told to stay away from him, for good.

Even though Jess and Pietr aren't together, she still finds herself in the middle of the Rusakova's affairs - and finds out that she might be the cure to their curse!

Being involved with a werewolf family is not as ideal as it may sound. Especially when the CIA and the Russian Mafia is determined to get the Rusakova family in their grasp.

But when Jess's dad gets in the way...things are not looking good for Jess and Pietr to ever be a normal couple.

Will Pietr and Jess ever get together? What could possibly happen to split them apart, for good? Read Secrets and Shadows to find out!

My Thoughts/Reflections
Okay. I really like this storyline, I really do. But I despise stories where the main two characters who are so obviously in love decide that the other is safer without them around. Keeping their distance from the one they love in order to protect them? Utter rubbish! It makes no sense!

And yes, that's exactly what happened here. I think Jess got more hurt because Pietr was staying away from her than if he would have been her boyfriend this whole novel. Which is what ALWAYS happens in this types of plots.


Ahem, enough ranting, back to the story.

So Jess again is a great character. She tried her hardest to get Pietr to stay with her, to no avail, but try she did. She even helped the family with their werewolf problem even though Pietr was being a jerk.

I did cringe every time she was around Derek though. Which shows my knack for knowing who is the right and wrong guy for her ;-)

More answers were revealed in this story about the Rusakova heritage, which is great for the reader. And, again, there is a cliffhanger ended that is bound to bring more readers back to this series to find out what happens to Jess. It was quite a dramatic ending too.

So, I'm off to read the next one and I sincerely hope things get better between Jess and Pietr. I mean, why am I reading this series if not to see these two lovebirds together? :)

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