Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Roswell (TV show)

As some of you may have noticed, I've been mysteriously gone from my blog. That would be because I started watching Roswell. And I became addicted to it. I watched all 3 seasons (61 episodes total) in 6 days.

So I'm going to blog about it :)

Roswell aired from 1999-2002, so it is an older show which you can see by looking at their cell phones and the gas prices! 

This television show is about 3 characters who are aliens. They were born out of a pod, 30 some years after a spacecraft crashed in Roswell, New Mexico. 

The three aliens (named Max, Isabel, and Michael) were doing pretty well keeping their identity a secret from everyone. That was, until Max healed a human from a gunshot wound. But Max was not going to let Liz die because he has secretly been watching her, growing feelings for her, even though he has never talked to her. 

After he brought Liz back from the brink of death, though, Liz wanted answers. And she got them. She was in on their secret, making her the first human to know that aliens really do exist, even if they look like normal human beings instead of 3 feet green people. 

But then Liz's best friend Maria was let in on the secret too, because Maria is too smart for her own good and knew something happened to Liz that day she got shot. 

Then throughout the series, these 5 characters (along with a few more that will find out throughout the show. And no, I'm not saying because you'll need to watch it to find out ;-)) will be put in the middle of alien related events that will put their lives at risk.

I was hooked right away with this show. The chemistry between Liz and Max is extreme that any viewer can see they are having a horrible time keeping their relationship platonic. And I absolutely love the actress who played Liz, Shiri Appleby, even though I've never seen her in any other show. 

There were also famous actors/actresses in here like Colin Hanks (Tom Hanks's son) and Katherine Heigl.

And I was ecstatic that it was only 3 seasons, because I am well known to sit in one spot during a 10 season show and stick with it. So I didn't waste my whole life watching this particular tv show :) Although I would have if there were more seasons!

There was so many twists and turns throughout this show that I thought it was more than 3 seasons, though. It was still hard to get to the end of the series, though. 

However, there was an ending that could be continued if anyone desired to continue the 3 aliens's story. But seeing as how it has been 10 years since the conclusion, I doubt that is going to happen anytime soon. 

So, yes. This show is about aliens. 

But it's also about forbidden love, tortured soul mates, destinies that need to be fulfilled, futures that are not determined, and relationships that outlast anything that comes in their path. 

I'm so glad I finally sat down to watch this show, and if any of the above sounds like something you want to watch, I would strongly recommend watching this very short, but impacting television show as soon as possible!

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