Thursday, March 28, 2013

Paradise by Jill S. Alexander

Paisley's one wish is to get out of her biased little town in Texas. She hates being under a microscope and wants to play drums for a band.

Her mother hates that Paisley won't do something else but plays the drums in her marching band. Little does her mother know that she is secretly the drummer for Waylon Strikers band and they are trying to get ready for Texapalooza where tons of high school bands come to play and get a chance for an internship or a job offer from professional band corporations.

The only problem is that their band needs a singer. When Gabe shows up, Paisley gives him one shot and he nails it. Until Gabe, otherwise known as Paradise by Paisley since he is from Paradise, TX, pulls out an accordion  That doesn't bode well for their country rock band, but he somehow pulls it off.

And the band can't be picky right now since they really need a good singer to win the Texapalooza competition.

So now Paisley is secretly practicing with Paradise, Cal, Levi, and Waylon while trying to keep it away from her parents attention. Although Paisley is pretty sure her father has figured it out, but he hasn't said anything to indicate he does.

Things get bad at home when Paisley's older sister, Lacey, decides she's not going to do what her mother wants her to do anymore. Unlike Paisley's decision to tell her mother she wasn't going to sing or dance, Lacey has gone with her mother's wishes and has sang at any performance her mother has snuck her way in.

Now Lacey is going off to college and wants to go for hair and make up, cosmetology  But her mother is going to have a cow and Paisley wants this all to happen after her performance at Texapalooza.

And on top of that, Paradise keeps showing up around Paisley and makes Paisley feel things she's never felt before. All she's ever wanted was to be a drummer - that is her only passion.

But now with Paradise around, things might change as she can't stop thinking about him and gets jealous when he dances with another girl...

Can Paisley have both her drumming career and a life with Paradise, or is she wanting too much and won't get either? And how long can she keep the secret about drumming away from her parents before it explodes in her face? Read Paradise by Jill S. Alexander to find out!

My Thoughts/Reflections
This was a cute story. Paisley was living a lie after a lie, so I knew they were going to explode in her face by the end of the novel.

The one thing that I loved about this book was Paradise. He came into the band audition as confident as anyone, even though he pulled out an accordion and started playing like it was a guitar and nothing was wrong with it.

And he was very confident around Paisley, even though she tried her hardest to ignore her feelings toward him and only focus on drumming and the band.

There were a few things I didn't enjoy about this novel.

One, the ending. Didn't enjoy that at all and wish it would have ended differently. But in a way, I could have seen it coming if I wasn't focused on the "here and now".

Two, the writing. For some reason, I felt like there wasn't enough description in the book. I had to go back many times just to figure out what happened that I skipped, only to find a few words describing what happened. Some places were very vague and I didn't get a lot of feeling from this book. Just an author telling a story, not describing in detail what happened.

I did like this story, but there were times when I found myself bored or missing a major plot and had to go back. Like I said, I liked Paradise the most and really enjoyed when he was in the scene because he was so confident and never got embarrassed by things that he did.

For anyone who likes music, I would definitely recommend this novel to you. And even though I didn't have the best time with this novel, I think a lot of other readers will really enjoy this book!

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