Friday, March 1, 2013

The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden by Jessica Sorensen

This is the first novel in The Coincidence series by Jessica Sorensen.

Callie is extremely excited to go to college and get away from everyone who has made her life a living nightmare since seventh grade. She dresses gothic with black eyeliner and fingernail polish, along with baggy clothes and a bob haircut.

But when she gets to college, she is able to be herself again. She is slowly learning to trust other people, especially Seth, her best friend since she started college in the summer and so did he.

Kayden is ready to go off to college to get away from his parents. Sure, he had a great life in high school with his friends as one of the popular football players and he got a scholarship to go to college, since he father won't spend a penny for him now that he's not in his house now.

But both Callie and Kayden have a dark secret in their past. Callie found out Kayden's the last night of high school when she went to a party to find her brother, and instead saved Kayden from getting beaten by his father in the back yard. And from the looks of the scars on his chest, it didn't look like it was the first time it had happened either.

Callie's secret is only known by Seth, and he had to work his way to find out what exactly happened to her.

As it happens, Callie is the one person that saved Kayden on that night at the party, but he never got a chance to say thank you. When they bump into each other at the same college, Kayden didn't recognize Callie at first because she is wear color clothes and her hair is longer. She doesn't wear black all of the time and her clothes actually fit instead of being baggy on her.

There is no reason that Callie needs to hide at college. The nightmare is at her house and at high school.

Slowly Callie and Kayden start to become friends, though Kayden is the only boy that Callie has known where she will let him touch her without flinching too much.

When they both go back home for the holidays and face their demons, things are starting to become alright for them both. Until they have to face the person responsible for the nightmares they face every night. And something horrible is about to happen to one of them that might go far beyond where it should... Read The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden by Jessica Sorensen to find out what will happen to these two haunted characters.

My Thoughts/Reflections
Just a forewarning, this is a NEW ADULT novel, which means that it's a little bit more mature and graphic than a YA novel but not too racy like an adult novel. Mainly, New Adult (NA) novels are set in college and are about characters who are starting to grow up, but still do things that are immature.

I've had this book for awhile on my Kindle after buying it for $0.99 on Amazon and I'm really glad I got around to it! This is a great novel and had me on my seat every chapter!

Callie, Kayden, and even Seth have dark pasts. Kaydens the reader finds out right away but Seth's and Callie's are a little harder to figure out because they don't want to talk about it, but they finally come out and say what happened to them to make them leery to trust other people.

I understood exactly what happened to Callie before it was revealed, so I was expecting how she acted around Kayden. However, her character developed so much throughout the novel and I was very happy to see her trusting other people by the middle of the novel.

And Kayden. He was always trying to impress his father, but the more he did, the madder his father got over some small, tiny detail that didn't even matter. So eventually he started to things he wanted to do, especially when he went off to college and didn't have to see his father every day to hear criticism and get punished.

But I have to say, that ending. Man! Sorensen left us hanging and yearning to find out what happens next, because that is not a way to end a novel! It was such a horrible scene and it better be resolved in the next novel, because I have to know what happens!

Both of the characters grew a lot throughout this book and I really liked it! I think other novels who love New Adult novels now would really enjoy this story and will need the sequel right away - just like I do!

So yes, I recommend this novel for older readers and I will definitely be reading this series, even if it is a little bit more charge than my usual $0.99 on Amazon for eBooks, haha!

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