Monday, March 4, 2013

Sapphire Blue by Kerstin Gier

This is the second novel in the Ruby Red Trilogy series by Kerstin Gier.

My review of #1: Ruby Red.

Not even a week ago, Gwenyth found out that she, unlike her cousin Charlotte, has the time travel gene in her family. And Gwen has no idea about any of the historical information she should know, liker her cousin likes to point out.

So now Gwenyth is stuck with Gideon, the male time traveler who infuriates Gwen, even though he's a great kisser. Kissing or not, he is a pompous male who thinks he knows best about everything and likes to ignore her, until he wants to snog a bit with Gwen. Then they get along just peachy.

But now Gwen is stuck going in the past for 4 hours a day using the chronograph, the device that sends them back into time with a particular date in mind. Which is also the second chronograph created, the first having been stolen by Lucy and Paul, the other time travelers before Gwen and Gideon.

And no one is trusting Gwen with any of the information because they think she is going to betray them to unforseen events that came from Lucy and Paul stealing the first device, but also because she "stole" Charlotte's spot at being the time traveler.

Like Gwen really wanted it.

Thankfully, Gwen has Leslie, her normal human friend who is very resourceful at finding information on the internet, so Gwen has been getting a little bit of info, even if it isn't necessarily the right information.

And strange things are definitely happening because many occasions that they travel back in time, it seems that others are expecting their arrival.

One good thing has come from this, though. Gwen gets to see her grandfather again, Lucas, who died a few years ago. And they have devised a plan where he will find out information  and each time she travels to get in her quota of travel for the day, she will see him and gather all the information that she can about her traveling gene.

However, the count, the first person with the time travel gene, is very interested in Gwen and wants to know her more. Gwen's not happy about that though, because the count gives her a horrible feeling. And she swears that he tried to choke her and talked to her without speaking.

But the count gives some interesting news about Gideon that has Gwen doubting everything she's known for the past week as a time traveler. And she's not sure what to think anymore. What will Gwen do with this new information? How can she possibly do what she's supposed to do if she can't trust the one person who will travel with her? Read Sapphire Blue by Kerstin Gier to find out!

My Thoughts/Reflections
I finally got my hands on this book! And I only have to wait 8 more months for the conclusion of this series!

On the one hand, I really liked this book because Gwen is trying really hard to figure out what is going on, despite everyone keeping her in the dark about the secret of the time traveling gene and what they are planning to do with the chronograph.

But on the other hand, I felt like not a lot went on and Gwen should just refuse to help until she gets the answers that she wants. She's not a very docile character and she needs to start vocalizing what she is thinking and make sure that she starts getting heard.

So I liked it and I thought it could have been better. What I'm really curious about is how this series is going end since there is only one more novel to come out before the conclusion is revealed. It doesn't seem like we have enough information to go on in order to finish this series, but I will be excited to find out come October when the novel is released.

For anyone who likes books about time travel and set in the past with, at least for me, some pretty accurate historical subjects, I would definitely recommend it to you. However, I would say that reading the first novel would be something to consider as this book does start exactly where the first one ends. It will clear up any confusion.

So yes, I had ups and downs with this book, but I will be a dedicated reader and read Emerald Green when it is released to find out what will happen for numerous parts of this book!

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