Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Review: Othermoon by Nina Berry

Othermoon Othermoon by Nina Berry
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Dez is struggling to keep everything normal in her crazy life. But when her mom gets possessed by a spirit in the Otherworld, Dez realizes that nothing will be normal again.

The only way to stop things from escalating out of control is to try and stop Ximon from destroying Dez's new life.

But because the other kids in her band of merry friends are not so keen on trusting Lazar, who truth be told was on the other side of the team not too long ago, Dez has to decide on who to trust and who to keep in the loop.

Because Dez wants to stop Ximon for good, and the only way to get inside their new compound is to trust Lazar. And by trusting him, Dez could be risking all of her friends' lives, and risk losing them all for good.

Sadly, Dez has been put in this situation, and she must make a decision fast, before time runs out.

So...this series...I like it. I do. I love shifter books. But for some reason, there is something missing for me... I'm reading all three books, don't get me wrong, but I dunno. Maybe I'm not connecting that much with the characters or the book just doesn't have enough to keep me going, but this book was a bit of a struggle to get through for me.

Dez is a leader, but she wasn't like that when we first met her, so it's a bit unrealistic for me that she would become the leader after she shifted when she was a shy, awkward teenage girl in high school. Plus, she's a little bit bossy. Granted, everyone looks to her to get directions on what to do when they are in a middle of a battle, but she takes this new role way too seriously, to be honest.

And I know I was a bit against team Dez and Caleb, but after this book I think I like Caleb so much more. He was justified in everything that he said and why he felt the way he did, and Dez had no excuses to give for it. She treated him very badly, and now I want Caleb to have his own book and find a girl that is worthy of him.

I'm hoping things get better in the 3rd book, and that things get to my liking again. But, then again, having it go the other way would be okay too. I'm going to read it no matter what, so we shall see what happens!

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