Monday, July 9, 2012

Eona by Alison Goodman

This is the second book in this series. I have reviewed the first novel here: Eon

Now that Eona's secret has been leaked that she's a female Dragoneye, she's finding herself on the run. Her and her group are trying to find Kygo, the true heir to the throne.

Kygo is building an army to go against his uncle, Sethon, who has declared himself Emporer instead of Kygo.

Along with the Emperor and political problems, Eona has found herself one of the last two Dragoneyes, including Lord Ido. As much as Eona hates to admit it, she needs Ido's help to controlling her Mirror Dragon, so she has to sneak in and out of Sethon's castle to get Ido.

Eona finds herself falling for two guys. Kygo is drawing her attention as the sparks start to ignite between the two of them, but she's unsure if Kygo likes her as a person or the power that she holds as a Dragoneye.

And the more she uses her Dragoneye power with Ido, the more she is sucked into an attraction of darkness with Ido. But he's a murder - killing the other 10 Dragoneye's to gain unlimited power.

The closer Eona's group gets to Sethon's army, the more things start to become confusing. Eona has no idea who to trust, she can't trust her feelings for either men, and she's also getting odd feelings with her ancestor's belongings, feelings of betrayal, power, and rage.

Will Eona be able to do the right thing for their country, or will the power of her Mirror Dragon be too much for her to resist? Read the sequel, and final, book in this series, Eona, to find out!

My Thoughts/Reflections
This is a great ending to this two novel series! Goodman put the reader back into the story where the first left off, not wasting any time jumping back into the adventure and chaotic world of the Empire of the Celestial Dragons.

In this novel, Eona stopped with the pretense of going under the name of Lord Eon since most have found out that she's a 16 year old girl instead of a 12 year old boy. She's also undercover a few times in this novel to sneak into places, and has to portray a girl, which she finds hard since she's been a boy for the last 4 years.

Again, I really enjoyed Alison Goodman's writing. She created a whole new world with unique traditions and rules - something which I would find hard to do as a writer.

She also really made the reader crush on both male characters (well at least me anyway!) I truly disliked Ido in the first novel, but the more Eona and Ido were together, I could see the connection and almost root for them to be together.

And there was always a connection between Eona and Kygo, even if she was acting as a boy in the first novel. In this book, we got to see their connection increase more now that Kygo knew she was female.

I really loved these two novels and where Goodman went with it. I would definitely recommend these books and try to convince readers that, even though they are large novels, they are definitely worth reading to experience the world of the Empire of the Celestial Dragons!

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