Friday, July 20, 2012

Night of the Purple Moon by Scott Cramer

I received this paperback novel for free by the author for an honest review.

Abby, her younger siblings Jordan and Toucan, and her father are very excited to see the comet fly across the sky. It's said that it will change the moon purple and will alter the colors of the sunrise and sunset for a couple of weeks after the comet shower.

But when all 3 wake up after falling asleep before the comet flew by, their life had been changed... All because of the purple moon.

All of the adults are dead. Abby found her dad outside on the lawn; He never made it back inside.

Older teenagers, around the ages of 14 and older, also didn't make it past the night of the comet.

With her neighbors, Kevin and Emily, the group of adolescents find a working radio station 2 days after the comet. Thankfully, Kevin is science smart and can understand that the CDC is creating a cure.

Because they find out that once teens hit puberty, they will be infected as well and won't survive the attack.

Abby and Kevin are 13. Emily and Jordan are 12. They have gathered all of the children on Castine Island and have built their own community in order to survive: cleaning up the town, finding and planting food, preserving water, and more.

But if a cure isn't found soon, will human kind cease to exist? Will Abby and Kevin stay young long enough to take the cure? Or will they have to leave their siblings and new family before they are ready? Read Night of the Purple Moon by Scott Cramer to find out!

My Thoughts/Reflections
I labeled this as a science fiction genre, but it could also be post apocalyptic or dystopian as well. It seems that this type of story is becoming very popular. I just reviewed another novel, Ashes, where adults died and teens were the only survivors, but there was more to the story than what Night of the Purple Moon is about.

This is a short novel, just 177 pages long, and it reads very quick because the reader wants to know what will happen next.

I also think this can appeal both male and female readers as the narration bounces between the two Leigh siblings Jordan and Abby.

The thought of having no adults around might be appealing to pre-teens and teens, but after they read this book, they will think twice about saying that, or wanting to grow up and be an adult before they are!

I enjoyed this novel and am grateful I got a free copy to read and review this novel.

I believe this is Scott Cramer's first novel? Don't quote me on that, I just can't find any more books by him on websites to prove otherwise. For his first novel, I thought he did a great job keeping the story concise and had great character development.

Who would have thought that 12 and 13 year olds would be able to create a community and take care of multiple little kids? Being able to farm, do laundry, find clothes, etc.

I would recommend this to any reader and ages 12/13 and older, since the main characters are around 12 and 13 - the "adults" of the characters that is. Also, for anyone who likes science fiction and "end of the world" novels, this will be up their alley as well.

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