Monday, July 2, 2012

Eon by Alison Goodman

Every year, a new apprentice is chosen for the year of the Dragoneye. This year, it is the Rat Dragon who is looking for a new apprentice to one day become the new Dragoneye.

Eon is one of the candidates trying to become the apprentice. No one thinks he is going to stand a chance because he's crippled - he was run over by a wagon and shattered his hip.

But Eon does have one thing to his advantage: he can see all 12 of the Dragons - not something that just anyone can do.

There is a deep secret about Eon though... he's actually a 16-year-old girl named Eona. Only females aren't allowed to be Dragoneye, so she's hiding her true self hoping that the Rat Dragon will choose her to become the new Dragoneye.

When Eon doesn't get chosen by the Rat Dragon, everything is lost.

Until Eon sees the Mirror Dragon - the dragon that has been missing for 500 years. The Mirror Dragon picks Eon as it's human Dragoneye, but Eon would not confess her true name in front of the Dragon council.

Because of that, Eon cannot call her dragon. But she is the new "hero" to save the emperor, the new Mirror Dragoneye after 500 years, and everyone is looking to her to save their council.

Things get even worse when Lord Ion, Lord of the Rat Dragon, tries to take over the whole Dragon council to become the one Dragoneye Lord.

Will Eon be able to connect with her dragon? Can she save everyone from war and destruction without being killed for lying about who she really is? Read Eon by Alison Goodman to find out!

My Thoughts/Reflections
It's been a long while since I've read a fantasy novel, so I immensely enjoyed getting back into this genre - and I picked a great novel to start again!

Alison Goodman did a fantastic job with this dragon based world! The writing was easy to follow and she was very detailed in this new world for the readers to understand.

I loved Eon! This character was very brave, very courageous, but also able to act older than what she is and face a whole council of Dragon Lords who have been studying this for the last 12 or more years. She had about a week tops.

If I were in Eon's shoes, I'm not sure I would have done as well at 1) hiding who I really was 2) follow along with the Dragoneye politics or 3) prepare to do ceremonies that only very well trained Dragoneyes could do.

She's like the new Katniss, only I think better as she not only had to fight other adults but had to rule her part of the Dragoneye council.

And she has to work with dragons, which can be very temperamental.

I really enjoyed this novel. Sure, it's 530 pages and there might be a few times where I glanced over paragraphs that were too descriptive and not enough action. But overall, I loved this novel and can't wait to delve right into the second (and last book) of this series.

For anyone who wants another version of the Hunger Games or likes fantasy with dragons, this is definitely the book for you. Also, anyone who loves a strong female leader, you need to pick this up right away.

I'll be reading and reviewing the next book, Eona, right away, so stay tuned!

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