Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Love Story by Jennifer Echols

Erin grew up on a horse breeding and racing farm in Kentucky and her grandmother expected her to go to college for a business major to take over for her grandmother.

Instead, Erin went to college in New York to major in creative writing - she wants to be a writer, not a horse racing owner. When her grandmother found out this, she took away the money for Erin's college and gave it to the stable boy, Hunter, who is now going to be the new "heir" to the horse farm.

Hunter, who Erin has gone to school with and seen at home for 6 years. Hunter, who has been Erin's enemy ever since her mother died. Hunter, who is now very attractive to look at, but still easy to hate...almost.

When her grandmother took the money away, Erin was bound and determine to find a way to make it through college and get her novels published. She worked numerous jobs to pay for her housing and food, and kept up her grades to keep the academic scholarship she received, paying for her classes.

By far her favorite class was the creative writing course for honor students. But on the day everyone was to discuss her story, in walks Hunter, the person she wrote about in her story.

Throughout the semester, then, Hunter and Erin wrote stories about one another. Some romantic, some hurtful, but they always had a character that resembled one another.

Erin is running herself thin, working at the coffee shop too many hours to make enough  money for the college payments while also trying to get great grades in all of her classes. She has no time for a social life, nor does she have time to fantasize about Hunter, but somehow she does.

Because as much as she says she hates Hunter, and as much hostility he sends her way, there is a connection between the two of them that they can't deny.

There are secrets between them, though; secrets that might destroy what they could have before it has even started.

Can Erin survive the semester, let alone the 4  years without her grandmother's help? Will Erin and Hunter be able to get over the bad history between them to see if they could have something special? Read Love Story by Jennifer Echols to find out!

My Thoughts/Reflections
I enjoyed this novel. It was different, a new age novel meaning for older teens who are in college or around that age. And I liked how it was about a rich girl going broke because she was fighting for something she wanted instead of just having it handed down to her.

Erin really wanted to become an author. Sure, she was good with horses after being around them for 6 years. And yes, working as a stable boy while also knowing how to spot a winning horse was something else she was good at. But writing novels was in her blood. She loved to read and write novels and has always dream of having her own novels published at a famous publishing house.

So I was all for her disobeying her grandmother to do what she wanted, despite being cut off from her grandmother's fortune.

She even left all of the expensive things at home, knowing she won't be able to afford them in New York.

And Hunter. Man did I enjoy the scenes with Hunter in them! He is very smart, wanting to do well in his classes since he's also on a scholarship. And the way he acted when Erin was around was entertaining because he tried to be angry at her and hostile, but ended up wanting to help her as well. He was very concerned for her when she wasn't eating right, but got angry at her when she refused his help.

There were some parts, though, that made me shake my head and things I didn't like. Erin was very compulsive and jumped to conclusions. For wanting to be an author, she sure had a narrow mindset and didn't think of other options.

And the ending. The ending bugged me. Echols left it open, it wasn't really concluded... I dunno, it seemed abrupt and unfinished, and I really like finished novels. So that could have been better, but maybe Echols will come back to this story later on and add more. I think I would be okay with that action!

However, I'm a fan of New Age novels and I've always enjoyed Jennifer Echols novels, so I was really happy with this novel. I think I could have liked it more, but overall it was a great read!

I would recommend this to any teen girl. Even though they are in college, it doesn't get graphic so I think that younger teens could appreciate reading about college without it being to mature for them.

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