Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Of Poseidon by Anna Banks

This is the first book in the Of Poseidon series by Anna Banks.

Going on a trip to FL with her best friend Chloe, Emma was enjoying her time before starting senior year in high school.

But after a horrible accident where a shark attacked Chloe and killed her, Emma no longer wants anything to do with the water or the ocean, even though she lives in Jersey and is very close to the shore. And despite the fact that she met the most gorgeous guy in FL, who seems to be living in Jersey now? It seems he is since she runs into him at school. And has all of her classes with him...

While he may be gorgeous, Galen kind of scares Emma. He reminds her of that day in FL and he is also a little bit strange. He says things in an awkward manner and doesn't know the term "boundaries".

Then Emma finds out she's not who she thought she was. It turns out that Galen and his sister are the Royals of Syrena, also known as merpeople who have fins and live in the ocean. And it seems that Emma might be one of them as well. She has the violet colored eyes, strong skin, a temper - some of the signs that she's one of them.

Only she has white hair and pale skin. All Syrena are olived tone skin and raven black haired.

And Emma is even more unique than the Syrena: she can talk to aquatic animals. That is the gift of the Poseidon, the enemy of the Syrena's.

So now Emma is trying to figure out how to grow her own fin, while also fighting off the attraction she's starting to feel toward Galen.

On the other hand, Galen knows exactly who Emma is after seeing her order the shark away from her after Chloe was attacked. No one but the Poseidon can order aquatic animals and since the bloodline died away with a missing daughter, Galen is shocked to see Emma do something so rare.

Now, even though he feels the pulse between the two of them, meaning that they might be mates and attracted to her, he has to teach her how to get her fin and prepare her for his world, because once he can get her ready, he is going to have to hand her over to his older brother Grom. They need to mate and connect the two groups together to stop the war between Syrena and Poseidon.

Only he's finding that the thought of Grom, or any other male, touching Emma sets him in a rage to physically hurt someone. And there are some complications with Emma's transformation...

Can Emma figure out how to get her own fin? Will Emma and Galen resist the temptation to be together, when Galen knows that can never happen? Or will they have to be forced apart so Grom can mate with her? Read Of Poseidon by Anna Banks to find out!

My Thoughts/Reflections
Merpeople! I haven't really gotten into this genre too much, maybe because I don't know how to swim so it sort of frightens me. But I really enjoyed this book and find that merpeople aren't so scary :)

I think, under the circumstances, that Emma took the news of being non-human very well. And the fight scene with Rayna, Galen's twin sister, was very intense since they are stronger than humans and had to work to injure the other person.

It was very entertaining to read about how the merpeople were transitioning into the human world. There were phrases and slang terms that they needed explained and their opinions of our culture were similar to other cultures around the world, so it made me chuckle a few times.

Galen was very determined to stay with Emma on land and teach her everything about his world. Even though he is a Royal and is the merman to work with human problems, he sort of became a human himself when it came to Emma. He certainly had the possession trait figured out!

I do have to say, though, that I did call the ending. There is a plot line where an unknown Syrena is tracking Emma; Galen can sense an unknown presence near Emma's house and footprints are seen in the sand going to her door. I figured out who it was about halfway through the novel, so I thought it was very predictable.

However, Banks left us on a cliffhanger!! Which is no surprise, but ahh!! And now I have to wait until May 2013 to read it...boo.

I would recommend this to anyone who wants to read about merpeople and about secrets, about forbidden love and about a kick a$$ girl who doesn't listen to a guy claiming to be a prince. It was a very good story and I will be anticipating the sequel when it comes out!

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