Monday, January 28, 2013

When in Paris... by Beverley Kendall

This is the first novel in the Language of Love series by Beverley Kendall.

College is the time to start fresh for Olivia. High school was horrible because her classmates would start rumors about her throughout those 4 years. Olivia dealt with it, though, and pushed it aside. Now, at college, she can be her own self and room with her best friend, April.

Also, the prospect of going to Paris for her French class was very appealing as well.

Until her high school crush walked through the door. Zach treated Olivia like a leaper in high school, never trying to be nice or friendly toward her. From the moment he saw her in high school, he acted as if she was never there.

So the idea of spending the next four years in college with him was not the happiest thought she had.

But they now have a class together and will need to get over their differences - whatever they may be since Olivia has no idea why Zach hates her - because their roommates (Troy and April) are best friends, so they will be spending a decent amount of time with each other.

And the moment Zach saw Olivia in his French class, he knew he couldn't keep staying away from her. He's been attracted to her since he saw her in high school, but because of family reasons and betrayals he made himself stay away from the one girl who was forbidden from him.

But now they are in college and are adults. Plus, he's not anywhere near his mother and aunt, so they wouldn't really have to know if he got together with Olivia - because he has sure been thinking about hooking up with her for too many years to count.

There are difficulties, though. One includes his ex-girlfriend who doesn't understand the meaning of "broken up" and keeps calling.

Things change, though, during the trip to Paris. They decide to live for the moment, though Zach and Olivia's idea of living for the moment are a bit different from each others.

With the crazy schedule of football practice, play rehearsals, homework, ex's, and family, the two have little time to spend with each other. But when the big secret of why Zach avoided Olivia in high school came out, along with the stalkerish girlfriend comes to blows, things between the two might be unmanageable  Can Zach and Olivia fight the problems between one another, or will it be too much to handle for both of them? Read When in Paris... by Beverley Kendall to find out!

My Thoughts/Reflections
I found out about this novel because Beverley Kendall followed me on Twitter and I saw she wrote a New Adult novel! Very glad she followed me, because I really liked this eBook novel!

Also, just a forewarning, this is a NEW ADULT novel, which means that it's a little bit more mature and graphic than a YA novel but not too racy like an adult novel. Mainly, New Age (NA) novels are set in college and are about characters who are starting to grow up, but still do things that are immature.

I really liked Olivia. She is very tough for going through high school knowing that ridiculous rumors are spread about her and she didn't fight against any of them - just let them continue even though they were all false.

As for putting up with Zach, who she had a crush on but also hated, she had to have been very strong willed not to go up to him and demand answers after being treated like that for four years. I know I would have wanted the answers right then and there.

And Zach is very sweet. Yes, he was a jerk to Olivia, but he did what he did because of his family. And he is always wanting to make everyone else happy so he tries to do what he wants, even though he goes against his father and goes to a non top-ten college for football.

I also liked the way the novel was written. It wasn't sunshine and butterflies for the two, but there were big problems that kept getting in the way between them and they definitely fought about things they disliked. It was very realistic.

So, yes, this was a great eBook to buy on Amazon for $0.99. Thank you, Kendall, for somewhat introducing me to your novel!

Because this is a New Adult novel, I do recommend this book for older readers who don't mind reading about sexual topics - because there are quite a few scenes in here for an older audience. And this is told through both Olivia's and Zach's viewpoint, but I think this would be more suited for female readers rather than male. However, I think both might appreciate this story, so the more readers the merrier!

This is the first novel in a series, but the second novel will be about April and Troy's story rather than continuing Olivia and Zach's story. So stay tuned for that novel in November 2013 and read this novel if you want a cute romantic but problem filled novel! :)

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