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Review: The Giver

The Giver The Giver by Lois Lowry
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I've been wanting to read this book for forever, but...I'm ashamed to say...I can't stand the cover and always kept telling myself that I would come back to it and read it. Well, now we picked it for book club and I got the eBook version - so I didn't have to see the cover! Brilliant!

Anyway, I also have to admit that I watched the movie before reading this novel. I almost never do that, but I wanted to watch it and there ya go. However, I am almost glad that I did watch the movie beforehand. It helped me better see what was going on in the novel. The part where they couldn't see color? I'm not sure if I would have caught on to that right away or not. But because I saw the movie, I knew that and was able to read the story with more knowledge about this world Lowry created.

The writing was superb. Lois was able to create a new world full of different rules and structure than anyone was used to. Especially back in the 90s when dystopian novels weren't too popular as they are today.

Jonas is a very bright, very understand 12 year old. And to be given The Receiver job really is a great honor in the way that the leaders of the community have given him this job since it is so important. I honestly think that burdening a 12 year old with this information is not a smart idea because not only are they naive from the way they taught their social and work life, but also because he's still a boy who wants to play ball and be annoyed by his little sister. Having the memories of the entire past being shoved on him or any other 12 year old is a bit stupid.

But Jonas was very mature for his age and was very suitable to become the next Receiver. However, Jonas was a bit too smart for this community and started to question their ways and why they do the things that they do.

I was making a list of some of the professions they have in Jonas's community...Some I can understand. Some I think are plain terrible. I mean, Birthmother? Really? No.

I am so glad that I finally got around to read this novel. I can't believe I let the cover deter me away from this great story. Although I do have to say, the movie was extremely spot on with the novel and I had no problem picturing the novel because of the movie, so that was pretty awesome.

This is a great classic and I know tons of people have read it. If you are like me and are one of the few that haven't, you should give in and read it! It's a great story with an awesome message behind the story that will make you question life's choices.

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