Monday, September 26, 2016

Review: Untamed

Untamed Untamed by A.G. Howard
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ah, this was such an amazing addition to the series! Especially the last story, where it showed the reader what happened when Jeb died and Alyssa's human family and then we got to see her with Morpheus and when they had their baby. I mean, this story alone was enough for fans of both Teams to fall in love all over again. It was the best way to end the series and to know that everything turned out the way it was supposed to. Seriously, I would have been happy to just read and re-read "Six Impossible Things" just to see the amazing ending to the story.

Alison and Thomas's story was good. It was nice to see how her parents felt after everything was done and over and they were finally together at last. And reading about Morpheus sneaking into Jeb's lost memories was a good insight not just of Jeb's thoughts, but also about Morpheus too.

But the winner of these three stories, to me, is "Six Impossible Things" through and through. I'm so glad A.G. Howard wrote it and I really, really loved this series as a whole. I'm so glad that out of all of the teen book club books they've read, this one is the one I decided to read with them so far! Will definitely be recommending this to other friends and readers I meet!

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