Friday, June 30, 2017

Review: Windfall

Windfall Windfall by Jennifer E. Smith
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

When Alice bought her best friend, Teddy, a lottery tick for his 18th birthday, she never thought that it would actually be a winning ticket! She just picked numbers that meant something to her and gave him a gag gift.

But when they check the numbers (after they had to find the missing ticket...which ended up in the garbage...) Teddy's life dramatically changed. Then Teddy wanted to give Alice some of the money - especially since she is the whole reason he became a multi-millionaire!

Alice, though, has already lived through enough change in her life - especially when her mother and father passed away 13 months apart from one another. So when she had to move from California to Chicago to live with her aunt, uncle and cousin Leo, Alice knew she wasn't very lucky in life. So to take some of that money from the lottery, Alice knew that it would change her life dramatically again, and she just can't handle that much change again.

She is also having a hard time watching Teddy go through his change as well, especially since she has had a huge crush on Teddy for the longest time.

But another change is happening in Alice's life: college. Where is she going to go? Standford where her mother was going to go back for more school? Where she used to live? Or Western where her aunt went to undergraduate college? Where she would be closer to the family she has had for the past 9 years?

One thing is for sure: things are about to change for Alice.

This was a cute book. Very full of suspense and change and decisions. The one thing I kept thinking of was "If I was Alice, would I have taken the money Teddy offered me?" And the honest answer is: yeah. Which makes me feel less noble than Alice, but she had her reasons and I have my reasons. I wouldn't take anything though, just enough to be able to pay off my debt in life.

But Alice and Teddy have a lot of hard decisions to make and that is very real-like to me because everyone goes through a lot of terrible times and has to make the smallest little decisions. Teddy just had to make an entirely big decision that the whole world knew about.

There were some things that made me roll my eyes about, but overall I enjoyed this book and it definitely made me think!

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