Friday, November 4, 2011

The Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa

Even though this book, The Iron Knight, is about Ash with Ash's point of view, I have to say: I LOVE Puck and Grim. Just love them. Without them, I wouldn't have laughed the 100 times I did throughout this novel. (Okay it might not have been 100 times, but it was a lot!)

(By the way, Puck is a trickster faerie and Grim is a cat, a cait sith, in the novel - so now I hope the following quote will make sense to those who haven't read this series yet)

I'm going to give one excerpt to try to make you understand why I love them so much. It describes Puck's and Grim's personality throughout the 300+ pages in this novel:

...then [I] stepped onto the platform near the back, grabbing the long wooden pole. As Puck entered, looking pensive, I nodded at Grimalkin, still sitting on the barrel. 'You coming or not, cait sith?'
He gave the raft a dubious glance, curling his whiskers. 'I suppose I must if I wish to see you to the End of the World.' Standing, he tensed his muscles to leap off the barrel, but hesitated, narrowing his eyes. 'Although, I will issue this one warning. If I end up in the river because some idiot decides to rock the boat-- he flattened his ears at Puck, who gave him a wide-eyed look of innocence '-I know severel witches who would be happy to bring down a particularly potent curse on said idiot's head.'
 LOVE IT!!! Okay, I'm over my obsession of Puck and Grim! On to the review!

Kagawa did an amazing job with this novel. I loved the ending of The Iron Queen accepting the fate that lead each character to her ending. However, I much prefer this ending to the series because everyone gets a final ending to their story. This story helped tie up loose ends that fans wanted answers to, wrapping up the story very well.

I did miss Meghan, as I'm used to her narrating the story in the last 3 novels, but Ash was a great character to choose for this novel. Ash was always a mystery to me, which was why I loved him. He always kept his emotions under wraps, never letting anyone know what he was really feeling, so this was a great narration that I finally understood where Ash was coming from.

The only thing I think could make this series even better is if we had a book written in Puck's view point - to have each of the characters really tell the reader what they feel and how they go through life with the memories they have like Ash did throughout The Iron Knight. However, it's not necessary because I had Puck's everlasting impression throughout this novel, showing me things that I was able to uncover through Ash's eyes.

Overall, great, GREAT book. I believe (but don't quote me on this) that the series is completed! So now you can start and finish this series in one sitting ;-) starting with The Iron King, Winter's Passage, The Iron Daughter, The Iron Queen, Summer's Crossing, and The Iron Knight.

...So what are you waiting for?! Go into the fairy world Kagawa created! Go on, you'll thank me later ;-)

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