Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tiger's Voyage by Colleen Houck

Isn't this a gorgeous cover?! Can't
wait to see the next one!
This is the third book in the Tiger's series, and I've blogged about the first book, Tiger's Curse, and the second one, Tiger's Quest, a few months ago (click the title of the books to see those posts!).

I love this series! And to top it off, this is the author's debut series! She's amazing and I can't wait for the next book to come out (sometime in 2012). According to Goodreads, there are now 5 books to this series, instead of 4 like I originally thought.

Okay, so if you went to look at my previous reviews, you would have saw that I was conflicted about Kelsey - during this book, I had no such feelings toward her. I actually think she was an amazing character and is starting to slowly find herself through these quests with the two princes.

I was also conflicted on which guy I would have chosen if I were Kelsey... This is still a main theme of Tiger's Voyage and Kelsey still hasn't figured out exactly what she wants - or who she wants I should say.

However, I completely understand why she can't choose that easily. Both princes are so different from one another and complete Kelsey in two different ways. I have my guess on who Kelsey would pick, but I definitely know who I would pick: Kishan. He's more quiet, reserved, and observant than Ren is, but Kelsey also likes to talk, ask questions, and read poetry, which is a que for Ren for sure.

During this book, both Ren and Kishan are traveling with Kelsey to fulfill the next mission to gain the prince's wish to be fully human. Throughout this quest, all 3 of the characters are going to meet 5 dragons, who will test each character in different ways for Kelsey and the 2 princes to find the Druga necklace.

Each dragon made each character realize something about themselves, making these tasks harder than say, killing a dragon. We also saw some of Lokeish's evil plans and how his overall goal has changed from the beginning of the first book. Instead of wanting to kill the princes, he now wants to have all of the power than anyone - and to do that, he thinks Kelsey is the key!  Didn't the 3 of them already have enough problems? Now they have to worry about one more!

Houck leaves us suspended with a cliffhanger at the end of this book (doesn't she always?!) and I'm unsure when the next book, called Tiger's Destiny, will come out. I'll be anxiously waiting for it, though, because I want to know what happens on the final quest to humanize the princes and the choices Kelsey will make between Ren and Kishan!

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