Monday, November 7, 2011

Silence by Becca Fitzpatrick

Beautiful, amazing cover. Love it!
Aaaahhh!!!!!! Nora and Patch just can't catch a break! Okay... on to the review:

Right in the beginning of Silence the reader finds out that Nora was found in a cemetery with no memory of how she got there, what day it was, or... anything! We come to find out that Nora has been missing for 3 months and has lost her memory of the last 5 months - the time where Hush Hush began. So, really, Nora has no idea who Patch is! And no one is talking about him! It's as if he never existed, except Nora keeps having visions of the color black.

Throughout this novel, we follow Nora while she starts to slowly.... very slowly... remember what has happened in the last 5 months and what has happened in the fallen angel world.

It was a great novel, don't get me wrong. I just want Patch and Nora to have about 50 pages in a novel that are NORMAL. Where they can be happy, joyous, TOGETHER, and not have something keep them apart from one another.

Eventually Nora got her memories back and found Patch, creating some scenes into the story that I was happy with. But with this ending, I can tell that Nora and Patch's relationship are in for a rough ride when Fitzpatrick writes her next novel in the series. I'm just hoping that with the situation of Nora and Patch that they will be working together rather than trying to avoid the other one to protect one another. We've had enough of that, now we want to see them as a couple!

Overall, love this book and the character/plot advancements. The author definitely left room to continue the story and make it great with the concepts already stirring between all of the key characters. I'm not sure when the next book comes out, but go read these 3 very quick reads before that happens!

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