Monday, February 13, 2012

Catching Jordan by Miranda Kenneally

Jordan Woods is the best quarterback in the state. Woods is a shoe-in to go to college football, and maybe even the pros?

The only problem is... Jordan is a girl, which makes her not wanted by too many colleges. Her dream college is Alabama, which they have contacted her, but it seems they want her as a poster girl rather than a player on their team.

Right before the beginning of football season, Tyler Green transfers to her high school...and he's also a quarterback. Not only is Ty good, but he's also extremely handsome. So handsome that Jordan is finding her concentration on the game drifting - which is not good considering she needs to get a full ride through college with a football scholarship.

Her best friend, Henry, is also on the football team and wants to go to school in Michigan, making their friendship distant since they might not see one another after senior year is overwith.

Also, did I mention that Jordan's father is the great Donovan Woods, the best NFL player in the south? You would think that Don would be a proud father of a girl quarterback player, but he's always trying to persuade Jordan to do things besides football, bringing the excitement and proudness Jordan feels when she plays a football game.

With everything going downhill with her father, best friend, and a new quarterback in town that makes Jordan's knees weak, Jordan isn't sure if she's going to prove to Alabama that she can not only sponsor for Alabama but that she can play as well.

What will happen if she can't play? Will she be able to get everything right before the end of the football season?

My Thoughts/Reflections
I admit, this book surprised me. I was expecting to like it because the main star of the football team, captain and quarterback, was a female, and I, oh, so love it when a girl can take charge in a guy's environment.

But the chemistry in this book blew me away! That I was not expecting, but I truly loved it all the way throughout the book!

Jordan is one strong cookie. She was raised by going to her father's professional football games, followed her older brother who played football, so it was to be expected that she would be strong willed and determined to be who she wanted to be, despite the odds.

I'm also glad that Jordan was able to be a girl for a change. While I love tough, athletic Jordan, girly Jordan showed that she became a more diverse person throughout the novel and grew into a well rounded person.

I think this book is great for teen girls, but I also think it can be aimed toward teen guys since it is about football and Miranda Kenneally was able to describe the game very accurately. It might also make guys appreciate athletic and tough girls after reading what Jordan went through to be a female football player.

I would recommend this book to everyone, so go read it ;-)

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