Monday, February 27, 2012

Swoon by Nina Malkin

Candice, or Dice as her friends call her, moved from New York to a small town in Connecticut: Swoon. Nothing to extraordinary happens there - it's just a small town with families who've known each other their whole lives.

Except one day, Dice's cousin Pen falls from a tree, dies, and is possessed by a revengeful spirit. How can Dice know this? She's somewhat psychic and saw his spirit go into Pen.

Now Dice has to figure out how to get the spirit out of Pen. The problem is, when Dice touches Pen, the spirit (who's name is Sinclair, or Sin for short) comes alive and Dice is falling in love with him.

Dice has a problem falling in love with a boy that is living through her cousin, so Dice and Pen do a exorcism ritual. Instead of getting rid of Sin, Dice accidentally gives Sin his own body.

Now Sin can act on his revenge that he has been waiting to instill for hundreds of years.

How can Dice love such an evil person? Throughout this story, Dice tries to stop Sin from evicting his revenge, while also searching for answers to lay his spirit to rest once and for all.

When Dice and Sin find the answers he's been looking for, will he disappear, becoming a peaceful spirit at rest and leaving Dice broken hearted? Or will he keep trying to find revenge for what had happened? Read Swoon to find out!

My Thoughts/Reflections
This was an interesting novel. For some reason, I couldn't focus on the style of writing that Nina Malkin wrote. It seemed all over for me and I started to drift through a few parts in the novel.

That being said, I loved the storyline. I haven't read a story where the main, swoonworthy guy possesses a...girl! That makes a twist for the girl that falls in love with him.

I liked Dice. A lot. She was mellow, level-headed, and independent. Her parents were never home, she took care of herself and lived alone for most of the week, and she was very loyal to her friends. When Sin was possessing Pen, even though Dice was already falling in love with him, she knew he couldn't keep possessing her because it was wrong, so she picked her family over the boy she loved.

That's loyalty and strength. Good thing it kinda backfired on her and Sin got his own body instead of leaving altogether.

I'm reading the second book in this series, Swear, so I'll see what happens with Sin and Dice after this novel.

Like I said, while this wasn't my favorite novel, I think it's a good read and an interesting storyline. For those who like paranormal and "weird" pick up this book because you might enjoy it!

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