Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater

The Scorpio Race - a race on an island where water horses exist. Horses that are more beast than animals, smell like rotten meat, salt, fish, and eat raw meat and blood. Horses that are so brutal, they fight each other just to have a meal for fun. The horses come out of the sea and onto land the closer it gets to October, hunting and looking for food.

The island, Thisby, is known for their Scorpio Race every November 1. Men die. Horses die. On the beach are blood stains from the loses of this race, but every year, this race is looked upon as a chance to beat the odds.

Sean Kindrick, 19 years old, has won 4 of the 6 races he's raced in. This is to the fact that he has his water horse, his capaill uisce as they are called, Corr. He has trained this horse for years to know what Corr wants and how to keep Corr away from the urge to join the sea.

Kate Connelly, known as Puck, was never supposed to ride in the Scorpio Races. With money problems and her older brother leaving the island, Puck had no choice but to enter, hoping to win to save herself and her younger brother, Finn, from losing their house and money.

Puck's parents were killed in the sea by capaill uisce, though, making it hard for Puck to ride a capaill uisce. After attempting to get near a water horse, Puck decides to ride her mare, Dove. A normal horse with no special attributes, just a love for Puck.

Everyone is vouching for Sean Kindrick to win for his 5th year in a row, whereas Puck is the horse and rider that will lose right away, and probably won't even survive the race.

As Puck starts training Dove to race and not run away from the capaill uisce, Sean finds himself drawn to her and helps her train for the upcoming race. Sean has always been alone, not connecting well with people but rather horses, knowing exactly what to do and say to horses to calm them down. However, after spending time with Puck, Sean is finding himself fascinated with Puck, making him wonder what will happen in the Scorpio Races.

Will Puck survive the race? Will Sean win his 5th race, gaining Corr as his own and starting his own life? Read The Scorpio Races to find out!

My Thoughts/Reflections
This was an amazing read! I've read Maggie Stiefvater's other books, The Wolves of Mercy Falls, but I think this novel is far and beyond her first trilogy.

The storyline behind this novel is very different than what I've read before, which is why I think I like it so much. It's about horses that come out of the water and are man-slaughtering beasts that it's hard for humans to catch them, and racing them is not only about the race, but also about surviving.

Both Sean and Puck seem older than they are. The island is a rough place to live, which is why many people from the island decide to go to the mainland. Sean and Puck are both island lovers, though, and have very big reasons to race, and win, the Scorpio Races.

The connection between Sean and Puck is more mature as well. There are times when they are together, but don't say a word. They just enjoy each other's company, without needing to talk to fill the silence.

Now, the storyline might be a little...morbid.


The strength both Puck and Sean have to even go through in order to get to the Scorpio Races is inspiring and makes the reader cheer for both characters.

I would definitely recommend this book to everyone! Guys, girls, teens, adults. It's a great read. A different story and even the characters are more serious and mature than a lot of YA novels. So far I think it's a stand alone book, although the author did leave room for a follow-up, so there is no cliff hanger ending! :-)

Whatcha waiting for? Go get this book and enjoy this great story now!

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