Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Swear by Nina Malkin

This is the second, and last, book in the Swoon series. My review of the first book is located here: Swoon.

It's been six months since Dice has seen Sin - ever since he professed his love to Dice, but then mysteriously left after their one night together.

Now, Dice is managing to get by. She is living with one of her friends, Marsh, and has started a band with her bandmates, Duck, Crane, and Tosh. As things become awkward-but-flirty way between Tosh and Dice, Crane goes missing. Marsh, who was dating Crane, thinks it's because he wants to break up with her, but later they find out that Crane was taken!

After Dice and Tosh kiss, Sin automatically appears, brokenhearted that Dice would stop loving Sin. That wasn't the case, but it was how Sin took it and felt devastated over Dice's decision.

Everyone goes on the hunt for Crane, and finds out that he was in another plane - as in, the ghost who lives in his house stole Crane in order to obtain her true prize: Sin.

Antonia has wanted Sin every since she died in the fire, hundreds of years ago. Now, with Crane as collateral, her and Sin are finally going to get married. Sin doesn't want to marry Antonia, but finds no other way in order to save Crane.

Dice realizes that she still loves Sin, so she tries to find a way to stop the marriage. Will Sin and Dice be able to prevent the wedding and be together, or will Dice have to watch Sin devote his life to another? Read Swear to find out!

My Thoughts/Reflections
Honestly? I'm not sure how I feel about this book. The first book, I was on the edge with liking/disliking it. This book didn't change my opinion - I actually think it lead me to the dislike ladder more.

It seemed that there was a lot of stuff crammed into this book. First finding out Sin left, then meeting Tosh, but, oh, no wait, back to Sin reappearing. Then with the disappearances, Antonia, and Dice accepting her magic to be a witch?

It was just too much.

The character developments was better in this novel, though. Other than that, I don't think I would recommend this series to too many people... It wasn't my style at least so, while others may like it, I will be putting this on my back burner for those unusual readers who like magic and mystery.

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