Thursday, March 8, 2012

Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire

It's Abby's first year in college, in a town where she didn't grow up in, and only one person knows her past life (her best friend, America). This is a chance for Abby to start over and be the mature, grownup, and law abiding person that she's always wanted to be.

At first, it was working wonders. Then, Abby met Travis Maddox. Travis, a fighter, tattooed, bad boy who, after seeing Abby, started hanging around her, even after she showed no interested in starting something with Travis.

That didn't fly so well with Travis. He could have every and any girl that he wants - what's a little challenge? Everything.

After staying with Travis and America's boyfriend, Shepley, when the water heater broke in her dorm room, Abby and Travis make a bet: If he doesn't get his once in his fight, Abby has to stay with Travis for a month. If he gets hit once, Travis will remain abstinent for the next month.

Throughout Travis and Abby's relationship, they go through so many ups and downs that it would give anyone whiplash, but the following months will test both Abby and Travis's restraint toward one another and the chemistry that flares up whenever they are around one another.

My Thoughts/Reflections
Wow. This book made my top 5. No, maybe my top 3.

First, the chemistry between Abby and Travis is ridiculous. Half the time when they were fighting, the reader could still see sparks flying between them, and when they kissed and made up? Let's just say, I'm very envious of Abby. Very.

Okay, so I think I liked this story because it was set in college and because Abby was very resistant to the idea of being with Travis. Travis represented her past and what she did not want to happen to her future. Boy, did that girl put up a fight. I'm very impressed.

Beautiful Disaster was very real, to me. The events that happened can definitely happen in real life and many college students do go through most of the things Abby and America went through. Life is not easy. College is not easy. But if you fight for what you want, the results could end in your favor. Like what happened with Abby and Travis.

Since this book is now my top 3 (Please don't ask what the other two are - I have no idea) I would most certainly recommend this book. However! I'm recommending it to older teens, and mainly girls, because of some content in this novel (sexual content, gambling, illegal fighting, etc.)

Of course, now that I've mentioned those content, it might be a book that everyone wants to read, but I'm sticking to my recommendation of older teen readers. If you are older, and want a swoon worthy book to fall in love with and to never end, the go buy this book on Amazon today!

Trust me. You won't regret it!

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