Friday, March 9, 2012

The Long Night of Leo and Bree by Ellen Wittlinger

For 10 hours, Bree and Leo have the longest night of their life. Leo is hurting because it’s the day where his older sister was brutally murdered four years ago. Bree wanted to get away from the demands of everyone in her life.

Who knew they were going to meet and go through a rollercoaster of emotions?

Bree went to the shadier town than she’s used to, to experience an adventure. She didn’t know what was coming her way.

When Leo saw Bree walking the streets, he thought that she should have been her sister and that her sister should still be alive today.

After their crazy, long night of their life, nothing will ever be the same.


My Thoughts/Reflections
I wasn’t sure where this book would go after reading the descriptions online, but I knew I desperately wanted to find out.

It wasn’t what I thought – but I did enjoy the story and the struggle both characters were going through.

This is a very short book. I mean very short. Just 100 pages of alternating narrations between Leo and Bree, so we get both of their stories and why they do what they do in this novel.

I would recommend this book to others! Guys and girls, teens and adults. It’s not a fairy tale story, though, although it’s not gruesome either. It’s just a story about a boy struggling with his troubled past and a girl who wants to escape her predictable future. 

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