Friday, March 23, 2012

Dragonswood by Janet Lee Carey

The year is AD 1192 and Tess lives in a small town with her mother and father, the blacksmith in town. In this world, the contact between humans, dragons and faeries is very thin. They are enemies and don't enjoy each others company, which is why the Dragonswood is off limits to humans.

Tess loves going into the woods, though. She can't explain the urge to her friends, which is why she keeps it a secret.

However, when Tess is accused of being a witch and escapes the witch test, she has to go into the woods to escape the hunters looking for her to kill her.

Enter Garth, Tess's knight and shining armor who takes in Tess and her friends while on the run. The more they stay in Dragonswood, the more each girl doesn't want to go back to the "human side" of the woods. After making sure Tess's friends are content and happy with their stay, Tess decides she needs to figure out what is calling to her in the woods.

Tess got closer to the royal grounds, the fey grounds, on her search, which ironically answered her question as to what was drawing her to the fey world: Tess is half fey, half human. Now she is being prepared to meet the dragon princes's - to see if an old prophecy will come true: where all three species will comes as one, Fey, Human, Dragon.

My Thoughts/Reflections
Dragons! I haven't read a story with dragons in it for awhile, so I loved the change in topic and scenery. Being in the Fey world and reading about different gifts that some characters have was walking into a new world!

I also loved the character Tess. She was abused at her home with her mother and stepfather, so she was leery about trusting anyone at all. She could also take care of herself and was very brave when she needed to be.

Even though there was a lot of information in this story, I was able to follow all of it and was grateful how detailed the author got to explain the setting and location. I could see the scenery and I especially loved the details when the author described the dragons!

I think this could be a great book for teens and would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes dragons or faeries as both are a major theme in this novel. From what I can tell, I think it's a stand alone novel and there wasn't a cliffhanger, so it can be a nice easy read for teens!

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