Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Fine Art of Truth or Dare by Melissa Jensen

Being the student who's on scholarship at a high society school can be tough. Being the student who's in the "invisible" club while crushing on popular and rich boy who doesn't know she exists? That makes it a little tougher.

Ella is okay with her secret crush though. She has Edward to keep her company. The only problem is that Edward Willing died in the 1900's. He was a painter who Ella has falling in love with and is researching about for her art history paper.

Ella and her two best friends, Sadie and Frankie, play the game of Truth and Dare. It's one way they find out information about each other where they all know they will tell the truth no matter what.

After being obsessed with Alex for a few years, Ella finds herself being tutored by Alex for her French class. She has no idea how to talk to him at first, but then the connection between the two starts to catch on fire and they are talking about everything and nothing.

Will Ella and Alex overcome the society differences they are encountering at school, or are they supposed to stay in their separate worlds? Read The Fine Art of Truth and Dare to find out!

My Thoughts/Reflections
This book had a twist of art/museums, society differences/groups, and overcoming judgmental thoughts about others.

I really liked Ella. She is Italian and has a big family who owns a restaurant, so the interaction with her and her family was just hilarious. Then she has Frankie, the lovable, gay guy friend who seems fearless and daring, whereas Sadie is a talented singer, but a shy girl trying to find her individuality away from her demanding mother.

And Alex. Smart, caring, and so not how you would think a son of a politician and a news reporter would be. I liked Alex. He got Ella to open up in a way that not many people could do. He was considerate of Ella's feelings, but also to everyone else's feelings.

I enjoyed this novel. With the historical information about Edward Willing included in here it was definitely different than other YA romance novels because it has historical facts that Ella was trying to find on an artist - I'm not sure if it was all legit or not, but it seemed that Melissa Jensen took a lot of time with the content about Willing.

I would recommend this book for any female wanting a flirty romance story that also has an art history context thrown in there.

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