Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Friday Night Lights (TV show)

I just watched the complete series of Friday Night Lights - the television show that was on NBC from 2006-2011 (so 5 seasons altogether).

This show is set in Dillon, TX, a small community where everyone loves football. And I mean everyone. There is a new coach in town, Coach Eric Taylor, and his family: wife, Tami Taylor and 15-year-old daughter Julie Taylor.

Everyone is suspicious if Coach Taylor can take this team to state, which is the only thing anyone can think about when talking about football.

Coach Taylor even has the next all-star quarterback, Jason Street, to play for his team the first year coaching. After the first game, though, Jason gets hurt and Coach Taylor's preparation for the season is messed up.

Now Coach needs to use the second string quarterback, Matt Sarcean, to finish the game. Surprisingly, after a few messups, Matt was able to win the first game for the Dillon Panthers before the team went to see how Jason was doing.

When everyone finds out that Jason was paralyzed from the waist down and will never recover his legs again, the whole team, plus the whole town has to adjust to Matt being the quarterback and still try to aim for state.

As seasons went on, players were changed and new stars were found through Coach Taylor and his ability to coach good athletes into amazing players and people.

My Thoughts/Reflections
Now, I'm not a big football fan. Actually, I really could care less about football to be honest. However, during all of the games that were played on this show, I was yelling things like, "Defense! Pick it up, defense!" or "That's a flag, ref!"

Let's just say, I got into not only the storyline, but the game as well, whether I was a football fan or not.

This show was amazing! They went in depth with all of the main characters, having their own background story and problems they have to deal with while also feeling the pressure from the town while on the football team.

I also like how the show kept the students in the grades they were supposed to be in and graduated when they were supposed to (although I got confused at first who was what grade because they never really talked about who was what age in the first season. Just Jason, who was a senior, was the only one I was sure of first season.).

I would recommend this show to teenagers and adults. There are a lot of relatable events that happen in this show: loss, love, sports, family, friends, problems in school, heartbreak. And it's set in a small town, so anyone from a small town will definitely be able to relate to the atmosphere of Dillon, TX.

I'm glad that I watched all of this show and I wish that there could be more. Even though it was 5 seasons of football, there were new characters to meet, different problems that arouse, and we got to see the older characters in their new life, whether it was college, working, or with a new family.

Since it is all finished, you can try to find it online for free (like I did) or all 5 seasons are available in one collection on Amazon.com (Click here if you're interested).

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