Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Easy by Tammara Webber

This is an eBook which you can buy on Amazon.com for $3.99!

Also, the synopsis is located in this blog post, along with a free sneak peek through Amazon that I blogged about last week.

Starting college is always a struggle. Jacqueline had it pretty easy, though, since she went to the same college as her boyfriend of 3 years, Kennedy, and was automatically accepted into his circle of friends.

That is, until he broke up with her, saying that he wanted to "live a little" and "see other people" before he went into politics after college.

When he broke up with her, Jacqueline had a couple of weeks where she didn't go to her econ class since Kennedy was in that class with her. It was a class that she didn't really want to take, but it was too late to drop it when they broke up.

After her two week break-down, Jacqueline found out that she missed the midterm and might be close to failing her first class, ever. The teacher, feeling pity on her, gave her the econ tutor's email address to try and catch up.

Turns out that Jacqueline couldn't make it to any of the tutoring sessions so Landon, the tutor, gave her the notes and they communicated solely through email. And some of the email exchanges seemed a little... flirty?

While somewhat flirting with the econ tutor, Jacqueline was also paying attention to a guy in her econ class she hadn't noticed before: Lucas. He didn't seem like the student to fit econ as he was always drawing in class and never paying attention.

And to top off having certain desires toward Lucas, whose smoldering stare kept Jacqueline's attention far more than it should have, and flirting with the tutor, a frat brother of Jacqueline's ex was starting to show unwanted advances to Jacqueline.

Jacqueline didn't want to be anywhere near Buck, the frat brother, and found herself in a position she didn't like, so she took up a self-defense class on Saturdays - where Lucas happened to volunteer at.

With all of these boys in her life, Jacqueline isn't sure what to do. She's even more lost when Kennedy decides he made a mistake by breaking up with her and wants to get back together.

With so many choices, what will Jacqueline decide to do and who to pick? Read Easy by Tammara Webber to find out!

My Thoughts/Reflections
Right when I read the synopsis to this book, I knew I had to read it even though I don't read too many eBooks since I don't have a real Kindle.

And boy am I sure glad I decided to buy it! If you've read my review of Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire, you know how much I love that book and this novel is very similar to McGuire's work. So it undoubtedly means that I loved this book as well!

Jacqueline is like any normal teenager girl who has followed a boy over her own dreams. And, as much as I hate to admit it, her reaction to getting dumped by a boyfriend of 3 years is pretty realistic.

I definitely like Jacqueline though. When she was forced in a horrible situation, she took action with the help of her roommate, Erin, to make sure she would never be that vulnerable again.

I also loved Lucas. He was a loner in some ways, but very popular in others. Add the fact that he was very attractive but never seemed to be with the same girl and you have the typical bad-boy character. And his infatuation of Jacqueline, which would normally seem stalkerish, was in fact flattering and will make any female reader want his attention.

This is a great novel and I would definitely recommend it to any female reader, no matter how old they are. It's fast paced, lots of relateable events that the reader can connect with, along with a strong leading female character that will make the reader cheer her on silently and out loud.

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