Monday, September 3, 2012

New Month, New Changes

First off, Happy Labor Day! Hope everyone is enjoying this day off of work to celebrate our hard working labors (my dad is a construction worker, so I always celebrate this holiday!)

And secondly, I finally got a full-time position in a library! It's a public library position where I will work in all library departments, but the main chunk of my job will consist of working with the Young Adult collection, creating teen library programs, and other teen related stuff.

I'm so excited to start! It will provide experience that I'm lacking and get me back into the swing of being employed again, plus I get to read this library's collection of YA books, which I'm hoping to check out a few items already that I've been dying to read!

Because I'll be working 38 hours a week, I probably won't be reviewing as many novels on here like I have throughout this year after I finished school in December.

But, do not fear, I WILL be reading and reviewing - it just might not be as frequent as you're used to :-)

Actually, I have a few reviews already written to be published, so it might not be so different as the previous months. Just wanted to give you a heads up about the new changes going on with me!

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