Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Selection by Kiera Cass

When the opportunity comes along for every 16-20 year old girl to "audition" for Prince Maxon to try to be the next princess, everyone is ecstatic.

Except for American Singer. She doesn't want anything to do with the Selection. She already has the man of her dreams, even if he is a caste lower than her.

She's a 5 and Aspen is a 6, so legally it is really difficult for them to be together. Which is why they are keeping their 2 year relationship a secret from everyone they know.

But then Aspen tells American that she should fill out the paperwork to be a part of the Selection. He doesn't want any "what-if's" between them.

America did it because Aspen told her to. And then he broke up with her, breaking her heart.

She didn't expect to be chosen to go to the palace.

She didn't want to go, but once chosen, it was a little hard to say "no thanks" to the opportunity of a life-time for a better, richer life.

So she goes, along with 34 other girls. And the first thing she does is yell at the prince.

Which is how their friendship started.

As more time goes by, her and Maxon get closer as friends. She keeps the distance between them, not feeling romantic feelings for him since she is still devastated by her breakup with Aspen.

After raids happen at the palace, risking the girls's life, Maxon makes a decision to cut the amount of numbered girls to 6, making them the Elite chosen.

Will American be chosen as one of the 6? Will her feelings ever change toward Maxon, or will she still be hooked on Aspen? Read The Selection by Kiera Cass to find out!

My Thoughts/Reflections
The best way I can describe this book is: It's The Bachelor meets The Hunger Games.

No, there is no killing in this book like The Hunger Games. But the dystopian world and the different levels of society is very similar to THG.

I really, really enjoyed this novel. I heard about it before it was released and wanted to read it, but never got around to grabbing the novel. I'm kinda happy I waited cause the wait for the sequel isn't so long now :)

America is her own person. She's not afraid to do what she has to and the social status of Maxon doesn't intimidate her like it does for everyone else.

Since she also doesn't want to be at the palace, that also brings out the anger in her that she might not have had if she was actually trying to get the Prince's attention.

The one thing that I'm conflicted about is who I want America to end up with. At the beginning, I felt angry when America and Aspen broke up because they had such a great love story.

And then when America got to know Maxon and saw him as a guy, not a prince or a crown, I could see the appeal of her being with Maxon too.

So, overall, Cass did a great job making the reader fall in love with both boys. I think I know who I'm rooting for, but I'm not saying so I can change my mind if one or the other does something so remarkable that it sways to me to the other side.

I would definitely recommend this novel to any female reader, especially one who likes either of the two shows I mentioned above. It is a fast, informational read and is written really well.

I can't wait to read the second novel to see what happens with the Elite 6 and Maxon. The sequel, The Elite, comes out April 2013 and I will definitely be wanting to read it right away!

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