Monday, December 12, 2016

Review: Fire in You

Fire in You Fire in You by J. Lynn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is such a bittersweet book because it means the end to the Wait for You series. And I've loved these books and characters since we met Avery and Cam. And honestly I thought those two would be my favorite couple of the bunch, but I think that Jillian and Brock have made it to my top couple of this series from JLA.

Jillian is me - she is seriously just like me with her personality and her love for books and her attitude toward life - both before when she was shy and later when she started getting fire inside of her and dishing the attitude back. The whole time I was reading about Jillian I was picturing myself instead because I've gone through what Jillian has - not relationship/love wise but just life wise. So being able to relate to her in such a deep way really made me love how much Jillian overcame throughout this novel and throughout her life.

And Brock is a big teddy bear. Well...not really, but he is when it comes to Jillian. He was a stupid boy when they met and he didn't really grow up until it was too late. When he realized what he missed out on and what he wished he should have done differently, he did what all the boys in this series do and went after what he wanted with a vengeance and left no survivors. He was on a mission and nothing was stopping him. And I love that about him. He is loyal to no end and always takes care of the ones he loves the most.

This was a spectacular ending to this series. I love seeing Katie happy with someone that she has been with for 8 years and I'm happy for her. She is the most entertaining part of the entire series so for her to be happy is amazing!

I'm so thankful that JLA loves her readers and keeps gifting us with these amazing stories that I get lost in immediately. As always, I'll be anxiously waiting for her next release!

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