Saturday, December 31, 2016

Review: Unchained

Unchained Unchained by J. Lynn
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I have FINALLY read this book! This is JLA's second book she ever wrote, and it is basically the last book I haven't read from her yet - craziness. But, I have fixed this problem and have now read the novel and I LOVED IT!!! Not that I'm surprised because there isn't a JLA novel out there that I haven't absolutely loved yet.

Lily is a badass. I love that the first scene we saw of her was kicking some minion and deadhead butts, then the sexy swoony scene with Julian. That was probably the best intro to a book I've ever come across. Lily is a rare person because being a female Nephilim is very rare. I think in the novel there was talk or actually sightings of 4 female Nephilim? So this novel was very heavy on the male side.

Michael was a unique character that I wasn't quite sure where he fit in at. Now that I've read the novel, I definitely know where he fits now, but it was some getting used to when the viewpoints of the characters changed from one chapter to another.

The smexy scenes were fantastic. I wanted to be in Lily's place for sure and was definitely jealous of a fictional character.

The reveal of the traitor was a little anticlimactic because I had already figured out who it was beforehand. It was still an amazing reveal and all of the events that happened in that scene, so it was worth the suspense and mystery behind it.

As always, I would love to read more novels in a series from JLA, but I'm pretty sure she stated that this book is a standalone and no more novels will be following it, even though Goodreads has #1 behind the title. I'm content with the way this novel has ended, but I would be ecstatic if she wrote more. Either way, I'm a happy bee and am very glad that I finally got around to reading it! I definitely recommend this to all of my friends to read :)

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