Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dawson's Creek

I went on a binge about a month ago and bought all 6 seasons of Dawson's Creek and the last "movie" conclusion. So instead of reading my YA books for fun lately, I've been rushing through season 6 of DC. I absolutely love this show! And I am completely jealous of Joey Potter (Katie Holmes) because all of the cute guys in this show? Yeah, she gets to date them! Although so far she hasn't kissed Jensen Akeles, who surprised me by showing up in season 6, she got to kiss Chad Michael Murry and Oliver Hudson, among many, many more. 

Now some may wonder why I like this show - most of the time I feel that it is a soap opera. Actually, I think it was showed on the soap opera station, but that's not the point. At times, most of the problems that the cast has can be real life related. I especially think that the experience the characters went through when they were deciding what college to go to and how their friendships were fragile with the changes. 

Hopefully I will finish the 6th season soon because I miss my fun reading :) It seems that the episodes are very addicting and I've been a couch potato for far too long. 

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