Thursday, June 23, 2011

Great Night with an Amazing Person!

Instead of reading books tonight, my usual forte, I had dinner with my close friend Emma! We haven't seen each other for awhile and decided to make dinner tonight and catch up on our library and personal life. Homemade Lasagna, white grape peach juice, and ice cream for dessert - delicious!

This is an old photo from when we both went to UD (Emma! I think we need to get a new photo of us before you leave! :D)
Emma is another librarian to be and she got accepted to University of Illinois at Urbana Champagne for the Fall! I'm so excited, Emma will be a wonderful librarian in the near future! I'm hoping to make many trips to UIUC and visiting with Emma while she gets her master's degree while I'm bumming around trying to find a job after I graduate ;)

It was a great night in with Emma and it makes me realize how much I miss all of my friends. I'll definitely have to keep in touch with her throughout her studies and well past that when she is an amazing librarian helping patrons find the information they need!

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