Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I'm currently in the middle of The Gathering by Kelley Armstrong so I'm going to write about an absolutely, amazing series called Fearless by Francine Pascal (the famous writer of Sweet Valley High). I got these books when I was in high school (about 6ish years ago) and I went to the story and about the books in bulk - I couldn't wait for the next installment of the series. Thankfully, I read the books when they were already done in the series so I didn't have to wait forever for the next book :)

This series is 42 books long and through the all of the books I thought that the story was strong and I didn't feel like the story dragged on. Gaia, the main girl, was born fearless - without the fear gene. Her father was part of the CIA so he took advantage of her no fear and gave her martial arts training, having Gaia study Latin and topics that a 3 year old girl would never even think about.

The novels follow Gaia when she's in high school. For a girl who can't feel fear, she doesn't care about her appearance - doesn't brush her hair, wears baggy clothes, and always looks others in the face when being confronted. She attracts attention from everyone, and not in a disgusting, why can't she dress right, kind of way. She has an attitude that says she doesn't give a care what others think, and it's absolutely true.

Throughout the novels Gaia learns more about her family's secrets (I mean her dad was in the CIA - very secretive) and she always wants to be a normal girl. Gaia goes out of her way to try and be a normal girl, but the information and deception she finds along the way will change everything she knew.

Even though there are 42 novels from start to finish, I would definitely recommend everyone to read this! It's not the norm for today's YA books where most of them are paranormal and about fictional ideas, but it's also not about a girl going through a crisis - it's in the middle where a girl was born differently and she has to learn how to live with that change.

I'm not sure if they are currently in print, but libraries could have them in their collection. If not, they might be available for cheap online through eBay or Amazon. It's a great series to start reading if anyone is interested in a longer story full of twists and turns!

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