Saturday, June 25, 2011

True Blood vs. Vampire Diaries

I'm very excited that True Blood is coming back for another season! It starts tomorrow and while I don't have HBO I will be searching bright and early Monday online to find a link that will allow me to watch it for free (I know, I know, but I watch tons of shows online for free).

When I first started watching this show, I wasn't sure if I was going to continue to the next season. I mean, I would laugh hysterically when Bill would say Sookie's name and Eric's hair was just too much. But then, Eric cut off his hair and it was like a new person on the show! It was then that I became a fan and watched the show by the season, not taking too much of a break between each episode (Thank you Charles C. Myers Library for buying all of the seasons :D).

Now, I know many tv watchers are fans of Vampire Diaries so True Blood is not liked among many (for some odd reason viewers are only fans of one vampire show or the other, not both).

I happen to love both, but for different reasons. Vampire Diaries cast members are ALL beautiful (even the female actresses!) while I only think less than a handful are beautiful in True Blood (thank you Eric for cutting your hair!).

The age difference is also a big factor for why fans like one or the other. I happen to be a YA fan so the younger ages in Vampire Diaries doesn't faze me as much, plus I'm at the age between each of the casts' ages, so it works well for me. I'm hoping that True Blood will finish it's season before Vampire Diaries because, while I won't get the story lines mixed up (hello?), it will be nice to not have to watch two vampire shows at the same time - I won't be overwhelmed by vampires and my fascination for vampire stories won't dim away.

In my opinion, there can be no comparison between these two shows because they are so different (if you overlook the vampire characters that is ;D).

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