Thursday, June 30, 2011

Soul Screamers series

I'm in the process of getting through City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare, so I thought I would blog about one of my all time favorite series Soul Screamers by Rachel Vincent. This series, which has 8 books so far, is about Kaylee's life as a bean sidhe - a banshee. Everytime someone dies around Kaylee, she gets this urge to scream until she can't talk anymore.

At first Kaylee has no idea what is wrong with her. She goes into psychiatric care, thanks to her aunt and uncle, and after that vital mistake, Kaylee resists the urge to scream, holding it in until it brings her to tears. Surprisingly, Kaylee is able to find answers to what she is and how she can control it through Nash, another bean sidhe, at her school. She just might not like all of the answers that she gets.

Along with finding another bean sidhe, Kaylee discovers that there are demons in the underworld that she has to fight off, and some reapers as well. Life is never dull for Kaylee, that's for sure!  The storyline is very easy to follow and the interaction between Nash and his brother Tod (who turns out to be a reaper! Talk about brotherly rivalry) will make you literally laugh out loud with amusement. All of these books are on sale and the newest installment, If I Die, will be out in September.

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