Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins

This is the first novel in The Sweet Trilogy series by Wendy Higgins.

Weird. Unusual. Abnormal. That is what everyone thinks about Anna. She's klutzy and stares off into space. But nobody knows that Anna is very different.

She can see auras, colors around everybody that change depending on their moods and feelings. Anna doesn't want to see them, so she stares off trying to give everyone their privacy. She can also feel their feelings, when they are strong enough.

Other abilities she has is to hear a mile a way, see the smallest details, taste the tiny portion in a dish, and feel every touch of thread in her clothes. Anna keeps all of these heightened senses on the down-low, trying to be a normal girl.

So far it was going alright. Until she saw an unusual aura of a drummer in a popular band. He didn't have colors showing his feelings, but a red circle in the middle of his chest.

When confronted by him, Anna finds out about who she really is. She's Nephilim - a child of a fallen angel. Her father is the Duke of  Substance Abuse, which explains Anna inexplicable draw to spirits and drugs. She doesn't want them, but her body craves them.

Anna is not quite like the other Nephilim, though. Each son or daughter has a duty to provide chaos in the world. Anna has never done that, because she has the ability to get rid of chaos. Her mother was a guardian angel. Her father a fallen angel. Two opposite angels bore a child, giving Anna the choice to do what she feels is right.

But when the Duke of Lust and his son, the drummer, Kaidan, find out about Anna, she is expected to take her place as the Daughter of the Duke of Substance Abuse.

And her infatuation with Kaidan is forbidden in the Nephilim world. They cannot be together, no matter how attracted and curious they are about each other.

Learning the ways of the Nephilim is going to be hard for angelic and demonic Anna. Can she convince the Dukes of Lucifer that she is on their side, or will her angelic heritage get in the way? Will Anna and Kaidan be able to stay apart, knowing it's better than being together and getting killed? Read Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins to find out!

My Thoughts/Reflections
The title of this novel is very accurate. And I loved every bit of this novel! I couldn't put it down and wanted more scenes with Anna and Kaidan together, though I had to be patient. Even with the small amount of scenes, it was definitely worth being patient for!

I wasn't sure how I would feel about this novel since the topic of angels and demons has been very popular in YA literature.

This was definitely different, though, and left me wanting more!

The idea behind having dukes of the seven deadly sins was really great. It shows that the children of the fallen angels are forced to work for them depending on what deadly sin they represent. Poor Kaidan had to have lust as his sin and corrupt girls to have sexual interactions before marriage, sinning their souls.

Anna has the sin of substance abuse, and even though Anna has stayed away from drinking alcohol and doing drugs, she needs to tempt humans to do either of them to corrupt their souls.

I absolutely loved Anna. She is troubled by both sides of herself and always has an inner battle going inside - especially when she is around liquor and drugs.

And the chemistry between Anna and Kaidan was phenomenal! I could feel myself blushing while reading the scenes they had together - that's how good it was.

The only bad thing about this book is that it's the first of a trilogy and I DON'T HAVE THE SECOND ONE!!! It doesn't come out until 2013 sometime - I don't have the exact date yet. It's on my "to-read" list and I will be getting it right away when it releases.

To anyone who wants a different version of fallen angels and wants some steamy scenes between the guy and girl, read this ASAP. It will leave you wanting more, but it is an amazing read!

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