Monday, October 1, 2012

The Thing About the Truth by Lauren Barnholdt

After getting kicked out of the Concordia Prep school in town, Kelsey is forced to go to school at the public high school, Concordia Public.

Kelsey is not worried about going to public school, but she is worried about getting scholarships for college as she doesn't have the "prep" in her school name anymore.

So she decides that she is going to create a new school organization and run it to make her applications look more unique for when she applies to college.

Issac is always known as the senator's son. And he was recently kicked out of his old school for starting a fight, so Concordia Public is the last stop for him before being forced to go overseas to boarding school.

So he's going to try his best not to get kicked out anymore.

When he meets Kelsey on his first day of school (her's as well, though Issac doesn't know it), it was not a love at first sight relationship.

In fact, Kelsey was extremely rude to Issac and instead of brushing it off, Issac couldn't stop thinking about the girl in the school office.

When Issac decides to butt in on Kelsey's organization idea (which the principal approved after Issac wanted in, just because Issac's dad is the senator) they are forced to work together on this organization.

Face it Down Day is their new organization. They are going to get kids from Concordia Public and Concordia Prep to come together and discuss questions to open up and get to know each other from the two schools.

This is supposed to help the students realize that just because one is a "preppy" school and the other is the "poor" school, everyone is the same and are just kids trying to get through high school.

Instead, everything goes extremely wrong and now both Kelsey and Issac are facing the prospect of getting kicked out of another school...

Will things be able to smooth out so they aren't forced to leave Concordia Public? Will the relationship that has been building for Kelsey and Issac continue, or stop because of the Face it Down Day events? Read The Thing About the Truth to find out!

My Thoughts/Reflections
I'm a big fan of Lauren Barnholdt's books, but for some reason I didn't enjoy this novel as much as I thought I would...

The story line was great. Getting kicked out of school and finding someone who was also kicked out, only to be attracted to him/her and  knowing that you shouldn't? Amazing story.

And the way Barnholdt told it was through both perspectives: Kelsey and Issac. It was also told in alternative time areas. One that was "Before" the incident at Face it Down Day and the "Aftermath" of the event.

So the reader knew something had happened and just had to wait until the end of the novel to find out why.

But the ending was bland. We found out what happened and then all of a sudden the book was done.

Just. Done.

It seemed too perfect of a wrap up and there was no final answer about something (not gonna say, you'll have to read to find out! :P)

Also, I don't think I really liked Kelsey's character. She was a hypocrite and only did things when they helped her, not anyone else.

Oh! And one other thing! In the book, Kelsey has brown hair and Issac has blonde hair. The cover is not revealing the truth to the reader ;-)

For anyone who wants to read a novel about high school, this would be up your alley as it really revolves a lot around the different types of schools. For me, it was a little disappointing compared to the other Barnholdt books I've read previously.

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