Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ten Things We Did (And Probably Shouldn't Have) by Sarah Mlynowski

When April's dad told her that they (dad, April and step-mom Penny) were moving to Ohio, April was not having it. Everything was going wonderful for her in Connecticut  She had great best friends (Vi, Marissa) and a wonderful boyfriend of 3 years, Noah.

So April and Vi came up with a great plan - have April stay at Vi's house!

Only April's dad is very strict. After an incident 1.5 years ago, April has a 10 pm curfew; and she's 16! So when April heard that Vi's mom will be traveling and not be home, everything is doomed.

Until Vi pretended to be her mom and okayed everything with April's dad! Now they will be living together, just the two of them, as grown ups and no parental control.

Amazing right?

Except things weren't going as planned. April has never lived on her own, so she was testing Vi's patience. April needed to keep all of the lies straight so she wouldn't get caught. But now her and Noah could finally take the next step in their relationship! Except thing seem a little strained for some reason.

And why was April somewhat, sorta, possibly attracted to Hudson, a potential drug dealer since he has so much cash and no one knows where he works at?

But then April gets a call from the doctors and everything blows up. Now she's not sure what to do, who to trust. And she has no parents to go to since her dad is in Ohio and her mom is in Paris.

How could a simple living with a friend to be close to friends and her boyfriend go so dreadfully wrong? Read Ten Things We Did (And Probably Shouldn't Have) by Sarah Mlynowski to find out!

My Thoughts/Reflections
This was an entertaining and random book that I really enjoyed reading! It was also very fast paced and I read it in one sitting, so it must have been good, right?

I did think that April was a little naive and stupid. She did a lot of mistakes, but I think it was good for her to learn before she moved out on her own. Her parents spoiled her rotten so it was nice that her character really grew into a mature and responsible adult (well, sorta!).

And by the way, I don't know any parents that would let their kids stay with a friend and not meet the parents - even if they had a good reason for being away. That would have seemed fishy to normal parents, I would think.

There were a lot of issues that were handled in this novel, but I think that Mlynowski did a great job with those tough subjects for teens and making it educational but fun at the same time.

Even though this book was focused around April and Noah's relationship, I really enjoyed the scenes with Hudson. Normally I would hate sequels, but if Mlynowski decided to write another novel about Hudson, I would be perfectly happy about that decision.

So, yes, this is a stand alone; no second novel to be pining over so all of your questions will be answered - hopefully.

I would recommend this novel to older teen girls. It's only through April's point of view and there are some content topics that I think would be best suited for older teens, high school kids. Although I think that many parents would argue and say that their daughters can't read this til they're an adult, but I think this novel could really help a girl answer some questions without having to talk to their parents (though they should if they are ever in a situation that April was in).

Great novel, very entertaining and so random that I think readers will enjoy it. I'll have to start reading more of Mlynowski's works!

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