Friday, February 22, 2013

Fallen Too Far by Abbi Glines

This is the first novel in the Too Far series by Abbi Glines.

Moving from Alabama to Florida is a big change for Blaire. She just buried her mother who she has spent the last three years taking care of when she was sick, so now she is on her own and meeting her father for the first time in 5 years.

Only, when she gets to her father, Abraham's, house, he's not there. Instead, there is a huge party in the mansion size house and Blaire finds out that she has a hot older step-brother named Rush.

And Rush has a younger sister named Nanette, who hates Blaire on sight, and a younger brother named Grant. All of whom have a different parent from Rush, making them step siblings as well.

Blaire knows she's not wanted at Rush's house when she sees the disgust on his face and the fact that he tells her to get out of his house before he throws her out. Blaire is just about to leave when he suddenly changes his mind, letting her stay in the maid's room for a month.

Blaire will take that deal - she just needs to find a job and start making some money until she can find her own place to live. She didn't want to stay there indefinitely, especially when Nanette and Rush hate Blaire so much.

Thankfully, she found a job on her first day looking at a country club selling drinks to golfers outside on the course. She even started that day, making more money from tips than she expected. By this rate, she would be out of Rush's house, and life, for good!

Which was good, because Rush is acting biopolar - one minute he's being nice and talking to her, the next he's giving her the evil eye and yelling at her.

Everything changes between them, though, when Blaire goes out with her new friend Bethy from the country club who she works with. Because Rush comes with, and things heat up between them, making Blaire realize he was acting biopolar to stay away from her. But now Blaire and Rush are together, even though their time is limited.

Things go horribly wrong when Blaire finds out about a secret about herself. A secret that everyone in this town knew, and no one decided to tell her. A secret that makes Blaire's mother an evil person, which Blaire knows she is not. And a secret that might very well rip her and Rush apart from one another.

What is the big secret? Can Rush and Blaire work through it, or is it too back-stabbing? Read Fallen Too Far by Abbi Glines to find out!

My Thoughts/Reflections
Just a forewarning, this is a NEW ADULT novel, which means that it's a little bit more mature and graphic than a YA novel but not too racy like an adult novel. Mainly, New Adult (NA) novels are set in college and are about characters who are starting to grow up, but still do things that are immature.

Wow. Just wow. From the first 3 pages, I was hooked because Blaire pulled out a gun from her pick up truck when a stranger knocked on her window. I mean, a pick up truck and a gun!? So amazing!

Okay, I really really loved this book. I've heard so many good things about Abbi Glines and have been wanting desperately to read her novels, though many of the libraries I can lend from don't have them :-( So when I saw this eBook on Amazon for $0.99, I had to get it! And I'm so glad I did - she lived up to my expectations!

Blaire was a great character and I loved her so much. She was used to taking care of everyone, so when she saw a mess at Rush's, she wanted to clean up to make up for living at his place while she was working. She is so lovable and I would most definitely be her friend.

Rush tried so hard to stay away from her, but he was very territorial when other guys - his friends - started to hit on her. He was a lost cause, but he did try very hard to stay angry at her because of the secret everyone was keeping from Blaire.

When Blaire finally saw her father at the end, I wanted to cheer her on. She ripped her father a new one, yelling at him and lecturing him about the way he treated her and her mother when he just left 5 years ago. I was so proud of her, and was very emotional through the ending of this novel.

The second novel comes out at the end of this month! I'm so stoked and I will be spending whatever money I have to to get this eBook off of Amazon. I need to keep reading about Blaire and Rush - like now. But I will wait until the 26th when it comes out.

I would most definitely recommend this novel to any NA lovers out there, and I am going to try my hardest to get more of Abbi Glines novels as well. If they are going to be as great as this one, the novels will be worth every penny!

So, go get this book and wait for the second one on the edge of your seat like I am!

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